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  1. That comely anchor watch CAN'T be aboard a MacGregor 26, can they?
  2. I KNEW this thread would cost me MONEY! Kershaw Automatic Launch 6. Great steel, great ergos, thin, strong, with excellent reviews. On sale for $115. My first Automatic and "Dark Places" knife.
  3. Man, this is some epic Thread Drift: From Weapons of Mass Distraction to Golf. Then again... Golf has ruined more lives than firearms ever could.
  4. Another Churchill: "Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose."
  5. I can only relate what Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill opined; "A golf course is the willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good rifle range."
  6. Good points. There was a Maker Shoot late last year featuring firearms made by the competitors. There were a bunch of AR lowers machined in kitchen table CNC mills using code found on the web. There were several 3D printed ARs using no materials other than what could be found at Home Depot. Most importantly, the technology is improving exponentially. Can’t Stop the Freedom, Mal.
  7. Ah, the Trials and Tribulations of building a "Ghost Gun": Went to install my hard won .750" Low Profile Clamp-On Gas Block, and found the external barrel diameter at the gas port to actually be .625", despite what the vendor had published. FML. If there is one thing harder to find than a Fixed .750" Low Profile Clamp-On Gas Block, it's one in .625". Did eventually find one at a surplus dealer for too much money and too long of a shipping time. Oil Well. What this is to say is that building a functional "Ghost Gun" involves a LOT more time, expense, tools and skills than wh
  8. Ain’t gonna date the damn thing…
  9. Hmm... the Kershaw LAUNCH series look mighty interesting... Any feedback? https://www.bladehq.com/cat--Kershaw-Auto--278
  10. Buck 110 folder? Old skewl cool. Got a 40 YO 110 I bought when I was working with the tools. Lots of miles with that knife.
  11. Watched our Chief Engineer slice a bagel in half — with his finger through the bagel hole. Then he waved the injured digit around, throwing blood all over the floor, table, fellow injunears, and the box of bagels. I left before I got any maroon on me.
  12. Not Crazy Glue! The 5300 of cyroacrylics! blue Locktite or steal some clear nailpolish. For a new Leek, I locktite the clip when I'm moving it to the tip up/ right pocket orientation.
  13. Reals? Not my experience, and the one clipped to my pocket has been there for 6-7 years. From the Kershaw website; the blade is made from 14C28N, a very good Sandvik Swedish steel. But gotta say... after gutting about a billion of Charlotte's Amazon boxes, it could use a sharpening. Maybe your pocket lint is more aggressive than mine? Your absolutely right about the break-in and lube. Mine benefited greatly from a day in the Hoppes #9 and some lithium grease.
  14. 1) Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 2) CRKT Ken Onion Swindle Both elegant, no nonsense knives. I prefer the Leek for its extremely fast and sure opening. However, the Swindle is muy elegante.
  15. Damn... Top of his game, and he gets dump trucked. The Fates can be cruel.
  16. You're kidding me, right? Nowadays: Sentenced to 10, reduced on appeal to 3, up for early parole. He'll walk with time served. Smith'll make his triumphant return to the Oscars in 2 years, a remorseful and changed (Woke) man. This is HOLLYWOOD, are you not amused?
  17. Nicely put, Chris. I'll look up the Larson; sounds at least interesting. There was another "Churchill Up Close and Unpersonal" view of Churchill over the canapes tray by some unemployed, titled London socialite that I found tiresome in the extreme. Yes, he was a lousy human being, often drunk, always abrupt, rude and uncaring - he'd be the first to admit that - but fortunately for Western Civilization, his shortcomings were overknocked by his enormous leadership skills. He was the leader of the Free World, cajoling and guiding a declining Roosevelt, a petulant deGaulle, and a fractious C
  18. I'm a Large Male Mammal. Good Scot bones, especially between the ears. The Ramset I used was a heavy beast, and after pressing against the spring to deactivate the safety, the recoil was negligible. And the back of the grip was a thick rubber pad. But, the last time I shot a Ramset in anger was... chit, 35-40 years ago, and I thought shooting full house .44 Mag loads was fun. Not any more... I loved my Ramset. One boss got me a holster, low slung and strapped to my thigh like Han Solo's. I was a Ramsettin' Fool.
  19. Fancy-Smancy. We relied on the threaded studs and multiple redundant load paths. And lastly a 2" pin shot through round plate and the trougher's metal near the ballast and CG of the fixture. Never had one come down - even after a sharp earthquake. When I used that technique I was twice as fast as the old guys, and I didn't need a guppy. And I got to shoot all day.
  20. Guilty as Charged. Lub me some powder actuated tools!
  21. And if I'm using a Ramset to nail those eff-ers to the ceiling, I know I'm in heaven.
  22. Lemme axe you, Chris. Would you give up that experience? I don't think so. I'm not being any more of an ass than I usually am. I had some (a lot) of carp jobs as a pup; including digging deep ditches by hand for high voltage conduits - which I hated with a white hot passion approaching that of 'Murican Lite Beers. It must have changed me. As an aerogrunt, my capacity for work was commented on. "Well duh, Easy Money, I'm not on the dumb end of a shovel." We're getting a lot of Gen Zeros into the workforce now. It's obvious that they've never done anything harder than mashing button
  23. Yeah. I used my electrical job to fund my schooling. The degree it paid for got me a job in aerospace - which persists to this date. However, my last project as an industrial electrician was to install the first 200 hp 5 axis CNC milling machine on the West Coast; a huge, ungainly West German contraption, lorded over by a huge, ungainly West German. Twenty years later, the mill was still spitting out parts. In aerospace, most of my work doesn't last 20 minutes as the layers of management start to put their imprimus upon it. Sometimes I think I made the wrong career choice.
  24. Some of the crazy things we had to do to get the job done make me wake up sweating. We used the 10' stick of 3/4" rigid trick far more than we should have. But it was the 3' cheater bar that walloped me under the machinist shop when the maroonic guppy let go. Still, I lub me some Milwaukees. I've got my '80 era 3/8" drill motor in my home work box today. Still kickin' after all those beers.
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