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  1. And if I'm using a Ramset to nail those eff-ers to the ceiling, I know I'm in heaven.
  2. Lemme axe you, Chris. Would you give up that experience? I don't think so. I'm not being any more of an ass than I usually am. I had some (a lot) of carp jobs as a pup; including digging deep ditches by hand for high voltage conduits - which I hated with a white hot passion approaching that of 'Murican Lite Beers. It must have changed me. As an aerogrunt, my capacity for work was commented on. "Well duh, Easy Money, I'm not on the dumb end of a shovel." We're getting a lot of Gen Zeros into the workforce now. It's obvious that they've never done anything harder than mashing button
  3. Yeah. I used my electrical job to fund my schooling. The degree it paid for got me a job in aerospace - which persists to this date. However, my last project as an industrial electrician was to install the first 200 hp 5 axis CNC milling machine on the West Coast; a huge, ungainly West German contraption, lorded over by a huge, ungainly West German. Twenty years later, the mill was still spitting out parts. In aerospace, most of my work doesn't last 20 minutes as the layers of management start to put their imprimus upon it. Sometimes I think I made the wrong career choice.
  4. Some of the crazy things we had to do to get the job done make me wake up sweating. We used the 10' stick of 3/4" rigid trick far more than we should have. But it was the 3' cheater bar that walloped me under the machinist shop when the maroonic guppy let go. Still, I lub me some Milwaukees. I've got my '80 era 3/8" drill motor in my home work box today. Still kickin' after all those beers.
  5. Ahh, those Milwaukees... I had a 3/4" Hole Hawg that got me in lots of trouble. Loved that fitting on top that let you thread in a cheater bar that your guppy could use to help counter the torque of that thing. Fired one idiot who turned loose when the bit hooked up. Fired him on the spot as I wasn't quite sure I was going to live.
  6. Yah gotta break something each job. That’s the sacrificial anode.
  7. Back in the when, there were jobbers that would deal in "obsolescent" electrical hardware. Saved my over-ample assets several times when working the older buildings and shops (Flapper Era) in downtown LA. They came in handy when I was restoring my early '50s house in the hood. Bet you could find them on the interwebs.
  8. Yup and Yup. I read the Churchill Books 1 and 2 back in the Bronze Age. Just picked up Book 3 via Amazon's used book offerings. Man, if you're trying to read an old classic, that's definitely the way to go. The book is pristine, and looks to have never been opened. All for a quarter (including shipping and tax) of its former Costco price.
  9. Thank you for the recommendation. If you’re interested in the book, try Amazon’s use book version. I got a friend’s book gift for pennies on the dollar and shipped free.
  10. Should of called it the P-51.
  11. I suspect it would also take a biologist to determine the sex of Big Mike 'Boma... I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin'.
  12. Manchester's "The Arms of Krupp" is in my To Be Read pile. Found the book at a consignment shop; looks to be a good read. Always loved Wild Billy's slightly snarky style.
  13. . Hobot and Sol Rosenberg should bow their heads... And the rest of us preverts.
  14. I'm gonna say some guy with a silver tongue got that high quality tart back to his clapped out apartment, got her semi-nekkid and took a cell phone shot. <Slow Clap> Prove me wrong.
  15. Madeleine Albright: DTS. While I was no fan of her muddled policies, I am saddened by her loss to cancer. RIP.
  16. Somewhat similar to the Egyptian pilot that suicided by crashing his airliner. If I remember correctly, the 767 broke Mach in a dive and came apart after a zoom climb as two pilots fought over the controls. Or Covid. Or Putin.
  17. Heeeello, AllState. Maybe. During a hurricane, we shut every damn door we can to limit any wind incursion. If the two mother yuge windows were to blow out in the Great Room, we're toast. However, those windows are protected somewhat by a u shaped feature of the house entryway and garage. Our window salescum told us that in selling these windows for 20 years he only had to replace one or two because of impact damage in a hurricane.
  18. Snags, a true scholar of the Revealed Text "In Search of the Holy Grail" would know there is no such thing as an African Swallow. There are, however, a West African Swallow and a South African Swallow. And, of course, the highly sought after Hottie Swallow. With yuuuuuge... tracks of land.
  19. . What... Is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?
  20. Naw, the outside of my hat is still shiny. Seriously, I've seen the favorite song, movie and sammich asked in those verification questions. 'Course, I work in aerospace, which is a wee bit more paranoid than even I am. But, I'll give yah one: What's one thing you own that you really should throw out? A: That favorite Hawaiian shirt worn by a much thinner me. After all these years, I should just admit that I'm never gonna get back to a Medium sized shirt again.
  21. The windows are rated for 2 8' 2x4s being flung through the windows by a 155 mph wind. Videos provided by the Mfg showed the 2x4s coming to rest in the window glass - which retained its structural integrity. The theory is the windows won't blow out and let the hurricane force winds inside the house to blow the roof off. Our roof is similarly rated, so we hopefully will survive most of the hurricane that may hit us. That being said, if we are looking at a strong 3 and up 'cane, we are Di Di Mau. I can't help the house in those winds - and family comes first, second and third. All I know
  22. Looked at a passel of windows when we replaced our single-pane OEM windows with hurricane impact resistant, double-pane, low-e, double hung, full-screened windows. Went with Window World for their aluminum reinforced design and service.
  23. Many of this thread's questions are also used to validate a person's identity when a ID/ password is lost. Food for thought. Oddly enough, my answers exactly correspond with Snaggy's. Down to the accent.
  24. Well, I did the knife in the socket thing... made me the man I am today. <twitch> <twitch>
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