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  1. Of course - in the garage, with it running. Heh. Electric car.....still here :-)
  2. Dangerous advice.....oh, you mean in a parked car! It would be interesting to know how many cars worldwide have KPH speed displayed on a dial! I'm in Espana and I just get digits shown when moving....no comparison to MPH. But as I said, I have no real problem with KPH, just the comment that knots are traditional, cos only the origin of the word is, not the usage. What's on the F50 displays by the way (not the ones on the App)? Looking forward to the next event...more wind please!
  3. Less so than the those hanging onto an aircraft doing 550 knots perhaps! Yep, knots are used by most aircraft flying (metres per second in the old Eastern Block...halve the value for knots) because knots are nautical miles per hour...useful for navigation. Not a traditional term, more a fundamental one in the nautical and aviation world. But KPH is what SGP chose, so we reluctantly live with it....just don't justify it as knots being traditional. If you want to be metric, use MPS ('the universally understood metric of actual speed')
  4. Agreed, good video. My point isn't about Ben vs Nathan, it's that the rule needs an official interpretation to provide clarity for all. The comments from smackdaddy regarding speeds are fallacious, as Nathan executes a tack after rounding from a reach (30 knots approx) during race 1, remaining inside the 45m circle for the whole manoeuvre....so not challenging from upwind on a lighter day.
  5. The issue I see is that a right to go around the mark has to expire at some point. As you say, Nathan did not appear to have any intention to go round the mark. Both boats have turned to starboard (partly a right shift perhaps), as seen from both wakes. With Ben still keeping outside the circle, there is room for Nathan to tack...with Ben then holding his course to keep clear. Once it was apparent that Nathan wasn't tacking, Ben was free to round the mark with no restrictions. It would appear from the umpires decision that the rights are not expiring when the opportunity to tack has p
  6. Yep, something about boats and aeroplanes....mutual attraction! Best, John
  7. Crazy times....so many things happen during a Worrell that get lost in the fatigued brains of the participants! Thanks for helping out, a brilliant repair. Insanity wasn't a requirement, but a tenuous grip on reality was.....the foggy legs up by the outer banks were pretty crazy given no navFound out they aids! I was the skipper, but I agree, my crew Mark's girlfriend was hot!! In the last stage of the race (North of Kittyhawk), we were beaten up by a Tomcat F14....the guys from Oceania (Norfolk) had heard of my supersonic connections and decided they would give us a surprise. It
  8. Memories come flooding back..... Our entry in the '87 event was slightly less of a monster, as a Hurricane 5.7 (19ft by 10ft beam), but with a big wood and carbon wing mast. Randy had made us a huge Code sail, with the tack attached to a strop between the bows. In the light stuff we could drop the tack down and go close to the wind, sheeted to the rear beam. We had to use a extra purchase on the halyard to get enough luff tension. After 2 legs we started to take on water...beached to bail out and realised we were twisting the hulls with the loads and cracking the skins. The solution
  9. Hi EK, Contact details I have pasted below:
  10. Further to my post above, I have a clear conscience now I have purchased an AD! If you are interested in a Wing-Rigged C Class, Alpha is available! She was commissioned from Steve Killing by Fred Eaton, winning the Cup in 2007 helmed by Fred and crewed by Magnus Clarke. She has been sailed by many great sailors during her distinguished career.....notably Glenn Ashby and Jimmy Spithill giving Fred and Magnus a run for their money in the 2010 Challenge. She has been stored in her bespoke box trailer since the 2015 Little Cup (where she won a race). The trailer is located near Bologn
  11. Shad 34 et al, I’m retired, oldish and fully committed to our A+ programmme, so here we go: Alpha is still available....would love to find her a new custodian. The ad has expired, but PM me if you are interested. Box trailer included. She is part of C Class history and doesn’t deserve the same fate as Ronstan....... Near Bologna in N Italy.
  12. She's in Italy, near Bologna (nearest Airport), as mentioned in the ad.
  13. I've just posted an advert for ALPHA in the classifieds......she needs a new custodian, as the A+ is taking all my retirement toys funds! She deserves the right owner, so PM me to discuss. JD
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