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  1. Cool shot, thanks for sharing!
  2. North Castle sounds right, I think it was the nephew who built/owns North Castle but don't quote me on that, someone such as yourself would know more about North Castle's story.
  3. Forgot to ask who the builder was, you mention an aluminum builder. Was it Kanter Marine, north of the border? Interesting departure if so from their normal fare. As an aside I crew on a Maxi Morc 30 that was built by one of the Gozzard's, also a little bit of departure from their name.
  4. Thanks for posting! Would think/guess they will have no problem selling out all available production slots for the next year or two.
  5. Good looking boat, feel free to keep posting pics and vids of it. Out of curiosity is yours the 6'5" keel or the 7'1" keel they mention?
  6. Went from coated to uncoated on my J/24 and honestly would never go back to coated on any boat. No spots from sheets wearing off coating, turning the coating dark from mold, mildew, etc
  7. From the far distant past memory (always a sketchy proposition!) I think the owner (nice younger guy back then) was from the Midwest and purchased/raced the boat out in Cali after moving there. I think if I remember correctly it was named after his dad.
  8. Nice looking rags on both E-35s. Is that Mitchell behind you that you had mentioned you were looking forward to racing against? Either way looks like a great day for sailing, glad you are enjoying the new ride and can appreciate it for what it is.
  9. Seems like I remember seeing one for sale in the US awhile back, perhaps Teal in color (do factor in that I am color blind!) and maybe Annapolis area.
  10. Try boat logistics in Montague, MI. http://boat-logistics.com/ One would think not to make a bad pun, that with the company, pickup point and drop off point all in Michigan that should help with the logistics.
  11. As a former owner of a J35 on Lake Michigan, I have nothing but good things to say about the boat from offshore ability to something as sublime as a nice day sail. One of a select few sailboats in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame (along with the B40 you were considering) the boat has tons of positive attributes. One thing to consider perhaps though to draw a tool analogy. The most important part of the equation is what job you are trying to get done. A Philips screwdriver and a hammer are both very useful tools but not necessarily interchangeable. So as you have been doing, give careful
  12. If you have not seen it check out Chris Roxburghs FB page. I stumbled across it in the past year and he has what looks like thousands of underwater images of GL wrecks, many done during winter dive sessions. I ordered his book which was also good (would have preferred gloss rather than mat finish for pics in book) but content of book is none the less excellent and price very reasonable.
  13. Stumbling, thanks for this installment! A good read for us armchair sailors/non participants. Looking forward to the next/final installment.
  14. Yeah, things happened for sure preventing the finish. As mentioned was incredulous when I saw the stick that it was still up, a testament to some quick and good thinking on the boat. The 70's are/were a great ride. If you can believe it I did my first mac on the boat. The crew rightly so, observed I had now where to go but down ridewise-lol. That said a great bunch of guys and lifelong memories. On an unrelated note, sorry about your brother. I didn't know him well but would see him at times at this side of the state and he seemed like a good guy to me.
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