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  1. Happy to help. Loved the J/35 the 7 years I owned it. I sailed it thousands of offshore miles and although my race crew may not have always loved the freeze dried food that was served off it, it was very nice to have a hot meal or in the case of coffee drinkers a warm cup o joe. Not sure if you have the front rail and adjustable pot holders but I also found those very valuable in addition to it being gimballed.
  2. The stove is probably an Origo model 3000. My limited understanding is I think they were bought by Dometic/stove was discontinued. That said they are great stoves. The two cannisters you describe should look like large tuna fish cans with a grate in the middle and filled with what looks like cotton. As mentioned up thread you add stove alcohol with the one caveat is when new they come with a neoprene circular piece that is probably long since gone/discarded. The purpose of it is to cover the grate/opening when the stove is not in use for long periods of time to keep the alcohol from evapo
  3. Good looking boat Bob! Will be interested in seeing what it looks like when done. I agree with Crash in that it looks like it ticks many boxes for many people, so I would think there would be a broader market demand for it. Best wishes on the project.
  4. Not sure what furler you have, but on my C&C 33, I had an older Harken furling unit (Mark 2?) that in addition to the hole that the furling line passed through, there was a second hole. In that hole I attached a very large carabiner to lock it into place (with a messenger line to forestay when not in use to keep it from going overboard). Seem to work fine during the times I was away from the boat. I seem to remember a neighbor with a Catalina 320 who was not so lucky but on the plus side ended up with a new furling genoa. As others had said though, better to be a good neighbor than risk
  5. Nice choice and am sure you will be happy with the boat. Enjoyed mine (screen name was boats name when I bought/owned it) for 7 years before moving on to the J35. Active class association with lots of support/advice from owners either here on SA or elsewhere. Time for you to go sailing!
  6. I believe she was sold/went to Japan.
  7. Congrats on the upcoming purchase! Nice collection on that side of the lake with 2 GP 26's, Melges 30, a MG 30 and I want to say Thompson something or other around 35 ft?
  8. Cool shot, thanks for sharing!
  9. North Castle sounds right, I think it was the nephew who built/owns North Castle but don't quote me on that, someone such as yourself would know more about North Castle's story.
  10. Forgot to ask who the builder was, you mention an aluminum builder. Was it Kanter Marine, north of the border? Interesting departure if so from their normal fare. As an aside I crew on a Maxi Morc 30 that was built by one of the Gozzard's, also a little bit of departure from their name.
  11. Thanks for posting! Would think/guess they will have no problem selling out all available production slots for the next year or two.
  12. Good looking boat, feel free to keep posting pics and vids of it. Out of curiosity is yours the 6'5" keel or the 7'1" keel they mention?
  13. Went from coated to uncoated on my J/24 and honestly would never go back to coated on any boat. No spots from sheets wearing off coating, turning the coating dark from mold, mildew, etc
  14. From the far distant past memory (always a sketchy proposition!) I think the owner (nice younger guy back then) was from the Midwest and purchased/raced the boat out in Cali after moving there. I think if I remember correctly it was named after his dad.
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