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  1. Yes, they were viewed as liberators at first. The problem wasn't just the Germans' bad attitude though. Due to long supply lines, Barbarossa necessarily involved the Germans stealing food as they went along.
  2. My quick look said it was about 50/50. The Chinese boycott of Australian coal may not be all that effective, since some coal may have its provenance tampered with.
  3. It seems like a very good chunk of Australian coal exports is met coal anyways.
  4. Yeah.......adults who contracted polio might merely be unable to walk again.
  5. Yes, but the defending the Germany, etc., from bombing is what leads to the Luftwaffe being depleted. The Soviets then gained air superiority on their front, which is what leads to the success of Bagration in the summer of 1944.
  6. The Lend-Lease 2.5 ton trucks had a huge impact by all accounts. I don't know that having more manpower in the east, would have helped the Germans out much because their big problem was logistics.
  7. He made his own bed, but how does someone with massive judgements against them live? Does a job let him have some sort of allowance for necessities?
  8. This is one case where the USA is off the hook!
  9. The real issue is that Xi is not obeying the law of China. The government of China does not have to disappear tennis stars for China to prosper. The more power that is invested in the Xi personality cult, the more unstable China will become politically.
  10. I agree with you that it is a disgraceful situation. If the federal government was determined to solve the problem, they could solve the problem. Obviously a lot of high-tech stuff got done in the high arctic in the cold war days. However, there is the fact that we are talking about government to government relations between the federal government of Canada and 50 some other nations.
  11. That would be interesting. However, I think it is tough to compare military spending because in some nations the military is a career, in other nations just about everybody serves. Some nations just buy their kit from the best/cheapest suppliers, some nations subsidize entire industries with military spending.
  12. Yes, but presumably in terms of dollars-the PLA is probably getting a lot more for their money.
  13. Not to diminish the capability of the PLA, but its massive headcount includes a lot reservists, political cadres, static units, and so on. If you only count the active duty members in reasonably well-equipped units, the PLA shrinks a lot.
  14. TLC keeps sending me emails, but really I don't need any sanctioning body to do the club racing I do. I cannot speak for people who want to compete at a higher level, but I have to think ILCA is the future.
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