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  1. In the case of crayon, they would have been advised by the CBSA to voluntarily withdraw their application for admission with no prejudice and just turn around-but then the CBSA would not be able to seize their odd documents. All bets are off about a return to normal for the border if the CBSA does go on strike. I suspect that the applicants were already known to police, for things to get to this.
  2. Probably two years inadmissibility for them, for misrepresentation. Not the RCMP here, the CBSA. Given that they made it past the border, they may have been given enough rope to hang themselves.
  3. For context here, frauditors like Glen Cerio and Paypal Patty do target the USPS. The Postal Inspectors would be negligent if they did not keep up with open source information on who has a grudge against the post office!
  4. It will be interesting to see if Evander Kane ever plays in the NHL again.
  5. The thing of it is, in a healthy labour market no one would jump right into a given job the day after they were laid off from the job they had. So yes; some people are always going to be "voluntarily" or "frictionally" unemployed.
  6. I don't know about that crowd, but there are several factors here. One is that the corporate entertainment tax deduction keeps changing all the time, therefore firms just don't throw the money around in the first place. Then there is the fact that Japan was very much about cash money right into the 1990s. Now that a paycheque or bonus gets wired into a joint account, the Mrs. has a lot to say about how it is spent. Then there is the fact that it was realized that killing your your own employees with liver disease was bad business. Hence some large corporations have "go home and see your family
  7. Been there, done that. Actually, public drunkenness in Japan is not like it used to be during the go-go years. This is due to both economic contraction, and common sense.
  8. The Star still thrives-probably it was a mistake back in the day to choose the Soling over the Etchells, when replacing the Dragon. The funny thing is, the Dragon is still around. I don't think the Finn will die, because like the Star it will have cognescenti approval forever.
  9. I don't buy that because labour shortage Japan struggles to reach their two percent inflation target even with "helicopter money". Six percent unemployment is what I was taught was "frictional", Japan is about at 2.5 right now. This may be attributable to the low unemployment rate being driven by people taking contract work, etc. when they used to expect a secure well paying job. Therefore, having a job doesn't necessarily make people spenders.
  10. Obviously, the theory cannot be tested now because it would be hard to find wrought iron plating. Was he just being his eccentric self here, or did he have a point?
  11. The life most men live, but only in their dreams.
  12. I'm guessing it's something like Moore's Law, that enables states to just keep printing more money when they don't have enough money without substantial inflation. Certainly, Japan just keeps printing more money without even reaching their designated inflation target. The retailors like Costco conducting "price destruction" in Japan are relevant here. Arguably, it's one big virtuous circle of capitalism and "free money". Classical economic theory just does not account for innovation in retail. There you hear about firms making widgets, you do not hear about Costco selling widgets by the pallet
  13. The car, track and driver were presumably well prepared, but the car has run a sub 10 second quarter mile.
  14. The thing of it is, there should have been massive inflation long ago if mainstream economy theory maps reality. Therefore, I am not ready to assume that massive monetary expansion necessarily leads to runaway inflation.
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