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  1. In terms of a new dolly, I had a really good experience with Jotag.
  2. NZ had a huge boat speed advantage, apparently due to having a smaller jib! Something about slot effect I think.
  3. I had the Briar and the AC on split screens. Congratulations Alberta....
  4. It does not bother me that Ovington does this. I know my golf clubs comply with R&A's rules of golf. I'm not scandalized that club makers tell me I should choose their brand over another brand. Even the two manufacturers of curling in the world compete with each other on performance. I would have to be delusional to think that either my golf clubs or choice of ILCA hull is going to turn me into a champion. If I thought my own clubmates were cheating, I would join a different club. In the end, whatever Laser money that goes to class association/sailmakers is much less money than it t
  5. Doesn't make much difference if the regattas that matter are supplied boat.
  6. The 2020/2021 Olympic fleet will be sold off maybe sooner rather than later. If the Olympics are cancelled, I guess it is just as well that the Odaiba Marina project was cancelled.
  7. One hundred feet of gravel with a 225 pound boat boat on a dolly? You might want to keep the van and trailer.
  8. The sailing spectator area at Kamakura was actually downsized due to tsunami evacuation concerns.
  9. In Tokyo, there just isn't all that much that was built for the Olympics. It's many of the same venues as 1964, including the sailing.
  10. Well, Kamakura in August is likely to be a drifter.
  11. That doesn't matter so much because hotel occupancy is so high in Tokyo in any case. The real point from the prestige point of view was making Tokyo relevant again after the lost decade(s). If there are empty seats to be filled, school kids will be sent to fill them like any other international sports event in Japan.
  12. I think the Tokyo Olympic Committee is determined to go ahead. The testing upon landing at NRT and HND are part of this program. The test events have gone off without a hitch. The ethics of jocks getting the vaccine ahead of others is an ethical issue, of course. Regardless, the Olympics are on no matter what as per TOC.
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