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  1. There's Korea and India, and the brief spat or two with the Soviet Union.
  2. So are these subs to have the jet propulsion, or just the big noisy propeller on the back? Yeah, the Japanese Soryu class with Lion batteries seems like it would have ticked many of the boxes for the RAN.
  3. I'm surprised the LPC would have such poor candidate vetting in the case of Tony Vuong.
  4. If these boats are going to be based at Manus, that is really sticking it to Emperor Xi.
  5. I don't know if there is such a thing as wasted time if you are enjoying what you are doing. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't do it.
  6. I think their own explanation is that she is uppity. In an case, they obviously don't actually give a shit about global warming if they think middle east politics are worth destroying their party over.
  7. That could be about the frauditor community. For some reason, the USPS is a frequent target of their scams.
  8. I do not think there are any nuclear weapons ashore in Japan. I don't see what aircraft based at Kadena could deploy them. Obviously, there are nuclear weapons onboard the USS Ronald Reagan.
  9. I couldn't be bothered to vote Green because apparently the Green Party people themselves hate their own leader for either being black, or being Jewish.
  10. Each poll maybe has a thousand voters. However, voter turnout is whatever it is so it is never that many to count. The counting is easy if you run the poll well, as in "balance" the poll. The number of counterfoils and the number of people marked off the voter's list should coincide all day. If you do that, counting goes easy. your numbers add up. This is why Elections Canada provides an official Elections Canada ruler to mark off names.
  11. I have been both a party observer and poll worker during various federal elections. The observers are not really there to avoid fraud, they are there because they are allowed to see who has voted at that poll, so they they can tell their runner who has not voted that they expect to vote for their party. This is all the more important nowadays because of the software that is used to track each party's supporters. The runner, the campaign office, and the poll observers are working together to get the carless out of nursing homes and so on, to vote. In my experience, it's all very collegial
  12. He did many good things, but he was an advocate of eugenics (which = tubal ligations without consent under his regime), and a keen supporter of residential schools.
  13. Odd that the PPC is against electoral reform. They could be quite influential in a proportional system.
  14. Agreed, his party is all about him so it can't last.
  15. I am not so sure that the Peoples Party of Canada necessarily has to take Conservative votes away. I am thinking a lot of angry and inchoate people who have never voted before, or voted before for Social Credit or Canadian Action Party or whatever other fringe party of the past, are Mad Max's market.
  16. People shouldn't forget that the other China has transitioned from a fascist dictatorship to a vibrant democracy on their own initiative. If a two-state solution is to be desired in the Middle East, then shouldn't the same apply to the two Chinas?
  17. Many decontaminated communities in Fukushima are having a hard time getting their residents to move back-even though the decontamination itself has been quite successful. A lot of the older people like the prefabs they were moved into, over their old homesteads. Younger people just moved on and got jobs in the city. It becomes a chicken and egg problem. Schools can't reopen unless they have students, but young families don't want to move into a community where it is uncertain when the school will reopen.
  18. Churchill should have just told them about Matthew 12:30.
  19. So train yards in Dresden, shipyards in Nagasaki and Western Army HQ in Hiroshima.
  20. With Abe off the scene, at least that will be the end of Article 9 revision and Yasukuni visits for now. The issue of the APA/Coast Hotels being owned by an ultranationalist who makes no secret of it, demonstrates that not all of that crowd are marginal oddballs.
  21. The USAAF was part of the Dresden raid.
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