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  1. All of you are just wasting keyboard strokes on nonsense, this isn't even shit talking...it's just shit.
  2. This one was pretty successful on Long Island Sound for a while Salt water 105
  3. This one looks like a good value Freshwater J/105
  4. Hey man, unplug your WiFi router for a few days, take a break from this place and go outside and enjoy yourself. If that doesn't work, buy a wooden boat and do all the bright work yourself. Life is too short to sit around arguing things on the internet that don't matter and that you can't control.
  5. They've actually done a great job putting together videos and circulating them to the club membership, unfortunately I can't seem to find them in a publicly available format to share here.
  6. Based on this video, they were already out on the water in December
  7. I just looked at Grady's other listings on North Point's site and I'm not sure that the owners give him access to the interior of the boats. Every listing is missing interior photos, it's all just shots of the hull or pictures of the boat sailing. I can say with certainty that brokers in all industries get deals done faster when they're transparent and provide as many details and photos as possible. This isn't a Craigslist ad, you're selling boats that cost more than the annual salary in your region, post as many pictures as you can click. If I were the widow trying to sell this
  8. That bridle set up is going to send some of your non-sailor guests flying when they trip over it. Beyond the upwind performance issues that have been mentioned, you're also going to lose the ability to easily trim and shape the main at all points of sail. In my opinion, you should move the traveler forward if you're going to do anything, but your current set up may be the best if you're shorthanded.
  9. Typically you don't spend the time and money to repaint the boat from Black to Flag Blue and then cut it in half.
  10. It's too bad there aren't ships that travel from port to port carrying cargo.
  11. 8 boats registered this year, safe to say this is the last year? https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=9576
  12. Flag blue, the official paint color of Narragansett Bay.
  13. It works the same way it worked for the long lasting Farr 40 and J/105 One Design classes, as well as the less successful Soto 40 class. All the club owned boats are tillers, that will never change. For a private owner who may be lacking youth or strength, the wheel can prove to be a very good option.
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