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  1. Everything old is new again. We launched this Elliott designed beast back in 1988.
  2. Does anybody really care any more? It was over 50 years ago FFS.
  3. Isn't there supposed to be a bulb on that keel?
  4. Raced the QT Cup here in Melbourne in 1983 on the mighty Davidson QT "Ocean Racer Chaser" for 3rd overall, just behind another Davidson, QuarterFlash which was 2nd overall. Great boats, fun to sail. RIP Laurie Davidson, one of the greats in World yacht design.
  5. No sports activities in NSW on Sundays from now on?


    Calling BS here. There is NOTHING offered by McDonalds that requires teeth to eat it, Nothing!
  7. "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off". Michael Caine: The Italian Job
  8. Never get off the boat...
  9. They're well practiced at that...
  10. Exclusion Zones around the oil rigs may make that problematic
  11. PY, the Hot-Spot to which I referred is NSW. HA has been long absent from these pages. Does he still sail on Jet?
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