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  1. Good luck finding one-off shipping space with international shipping running at about 30% of pre-covid levels.
  2. Just had lunch at the Eden Fishos today April 6, because the great restaurant on the wharf is under rebuild. The quality of the food at the Fishos is such that the place could burn down tomorrow and it wouldn’t be missed! Just like your worst Pub meal only even more tasteless and bland. The staff were pleasant enough and Billy behind the bar remembered me from previous visits.
  3. They're ALL for sale mate, the off-market scene is almost as busy as the advertised listings right now. All it took was a bloody good pandemic to fire up boat sales of all types.
  4. The Rx sticker would look much nicer on her original silver livery. Pooh Brown is most unbecoming for any yacht.
  5. She is parked on a private marina berth on the south side of Docklands, a few hundred metres downstream from Yarra's Edge Marina. Sadly, she hasn't moved from there for a long time.
  6. Led Zeppelin, February 20, 1972. Nothing / no one else I have ever seen comes close. (My own photos from that concert) .
  7. Not even close, Vestas Sailrocket has sailed at nearly 20 kts faster than TR.
  8. What happened to Giacomo Spithillinis supposed mastery of the starting box?
  9. Bloody Newbie. I remember those early threads and those amazing characters involved here from the early days. I'm in my 21st year here and still thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks Scot, keep it rocking dude... Oh, and I still miss the incomparable MSG. RIP Catherine, wherever your dear soul may be...
  10. RIP Fish, great sailor, great journalist and peerless raconteur. Will never, ever, forget the hilarious Commonwealth Table-Top Tap Dancing Championship in Hobart all those years ago. We shall not see his like again...
  11. BooBoo was racing the bigger SunFast 3600 demo boat. A different boat.
  12. Linky re above post: https://www.topyacht.com.au/db/kb/entrants_display.php?EventID=1361
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