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  1. Yep, this guy. Never bettered on the Stairway solo, travesty to even try. My own photo from February 20 1972 at Kooyong Tennis Stadium, Melbourne Australia.
  2. And it's a huge Ten from the Russian judge....
  3. The way they’re presenting sailing at these games is anything but boring. Excellent visuals, sure, the commentary could use a bit of oomph but I find it engrossing. Low level drone footage is outstanding and clii oh so ups of boat and sail trim action are brilliant. Hanging out to watch 49ers today!!
  4. I guess you have to admire their longevity in that industry. I saw them live first in 1973 and they were undeniably brilliant but when I last saw them live in 1995 they were well and truly past it. Sure they were churning out their old tunes along with some new ones but there was a bored flatness to their performance that they seem to have maintained ever since. Having said that, I still consider 'Gimme Shelter' to be just about the best live rock song I have ever heard.
  5. RIP Strop, a very funny and exceptionally clever man. He broke a lot of Aussie bloke's hearts when he married Delvene Delaney but we eventually forgave him. His role in the establishment of World Series Cricket is often underplayed. Condolences to Delvene, his daughters and Hoges.
  6. No problem rescuing a foreign MOB, but if that MOB is not vaccinated, you'll have to quarantine at sea for two weeks before finishing.


    It will have to be pretty special to be an all round better boat than a J/133. Only 20 or so of them built in the earlier 2000s but Pintia in Europe and Patriot in Aus and maybe others elsewhere are still kicking high level IRC arse and continuing to surprise visiting competitors with the level of comforts on board.
  8. The Ron Holland designed Spectrum was built for David Birkhill. It had rating issues and didn't rate QT for the Melbourne QT worlds but was still allowed to sail due to the very small fleet, ie zero overseas entries! David went on to win a QT Worlds in Europe with Comte de Flandre a couple of years later. Haven't seen Spectrum for a while now , last I saw it the cabin trunk had been extended for more accomm and was enjoying a cruiser-racer life at Blairgowrie. Here she is in 1983:
  9. Yep, J-Law and her sisters were Steinman designs. Quick boats in the day, their underwater profiles were described as being like ironing boards, only flat! The two ill-fated Great Expectations were Melbourne J-Law types. Both built in strip cedar by Mal Hart, the first one was sunk in an infamous Petersville Regatta start line collision and the second one was tragically lost at sea with all hands in Bass Strait returning from the Melbourne to Devonport in 1990.
  10. Sm ??. Having trouble remembering sail numbers from 1982 but yes, it is a 740 Sport of which there were several in that regatta. The yellow one was sailed by a journo who worked for The Age at the time iirc (Tony??)
  11. Here's a pic from that JOG Nationals regatta. J/24s, Seaways, Sonata 6.7s and 8s, Farr 740 Sports; great racing in small boats and a bloody sight more comfortable than the IOR Quarter Tonners!
  12. ORC at the Quarter Ton Cup in Melbourne in 1983. We won the long race and Rod Dredge as owner/ skipper won his weight in sponsors Champagne and Red Tulip chocolates.
  13. Huge fun. I remember in the early 80s JOG Nationals here in Melbourne we saw over 60, yep that was SIXTY +, JOG boats racing.
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