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  1. Understanding that I am being rude.... Only a fool would ask this question. This is coming from a guy who spent some time sitting on an over turned big boat that lost its keel bulb.
  2. i remember one at YYC levels called kryptonite
  3. So in other words, cock sucker McCarthy wants to make this about Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. I didn't see any hippsters or black people over running the capitol on Jan. 6.
  4. No, you can not hire your wife. I can tell you first hand from a couple that tried to do this last season. Find a captain, hire them. There are many people in Buffalo with Captains licences. I wouldn't hire them.... Dave Block is the one local guy who does it for a living. I think he is ok, but no first hand experience.
  5. Down bound is easy, you don't have the turbulence that you would when they fill the locks. Keep in mind, that the Canal system was made for commercial traffic. Long lines to tie to ship spaced bowlards is a must and some good fenders are essential. There is a long stretch of motoring, so make sure you have ample fuel. Since COVID, you as the owner are not allowed on the boat for the trip, if you are American. If this is the case you will need to hire a captain and then meet the boat at the dock at Youngstown, NY once the boat completes the trip. You will need to contact the canal aut
  6. does the keel fall off this one also?
  7. Holy fuck you are annoying. You're probably the same guy who takes six weeks to pick spinnaker colors and then changes his mind again after the panels have been cut.
  8. So they are building the j/27 again...
  9. Hey Greyhound, what yard is this boat located in?
  10. It’s a chopped s2 all day long...
  11. Who's got the skinny? I vaguely remember this thing from back in the day. Who was the creator, did it work and how well was it executed? The interior pics look a little sketch... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Customized-S2-Grand-Slam/265084788574?hash=item3db848df5e:g:HxoAAOSwQuVgSjmc
  12. Unless the boat was built custom, I seriously doubt that your boat has Harken Rudder bearings. There would be an upper and lower race and you would be easily identifiable.... Pouring epoxy with graphite into the Harken set up would certainly be amusing. Post a pic of what you got, or prepared to get a ton of unnecessary advice.
  13. This boat was the prototype and as such was built in the custom shop. Construction and interior differs from the production version. At some point in time the current owner, enclosed the head. I would seriously consider this boat.
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