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  1. I have never seen that image of Imp out of the water. What a good looking hull below the waterline (not to mention the timeless green topsides). I really should have bought that Imp book.
  2. Honestly it doesn't seem like an outrageous slip fee increase to get nearer to market rate. I think that the bigger slips should be paying a lot more/foot, since they take up more space (I remember an old Latitude 38 article that touched on this). I haven't walked the Dana Point docks in a long time, but if they are being upgraded to floating concrete with services at each slip, then it makes sense to increase the rental fee. Marina del Rey has been going through this transformation for the past decade, and now there are only a couple of anchorages left with old wooden docks and lower s
  3. This video is cringey as heck when it comes to the interaction between the guy and his dream crew. The aerial video sequences of the keelboat sailing are nice.
  4. Nice looking race boat. I think the ding would be the cruiser part of racer/cruiser, with no v-berth and minimal interior. Best of luck on the sale.
  5. I threw away about a dozen that were sitting in the back of a cabinet, unworn, about 2 months ago. It was time to purge and they went. I don't have the patience for ebay, but maybe I should have gone fishing.
  6. Our club had 60+ DF95's purchased and show up in the past few weeks. Now it's all bowsies and leech trim.
  7. I'm really looking to the remake of the movie "Wind", where the 'womp' is when the boat splats on the water and nearly sinks, and then in the fairy tale ending, it gets put back together and wins the day. LOL Great job by the Italians, and I expect that we will see more than 4 races in the Prada Cup finals.
  8. Clarks, I must say that you have drawn and built a very handsome small boat. A couple of them would be great to have and zoom around on during the Summer.
  9. That would be a sight to see. I'm sure you have it safely tucked away in the video vault.
  10. I had the opportunity to sail on this boat in the late 90's when MacLaurin had it in Marina del Rey. It was fun to rip around on, and I remember a capsize when the mainsheet got tangled during a gybe. It was good to be younger and able to hang onto the wing mesh until the boat got pulled back up. It took a pile of people and a chase boat back then.
  11. Years ago when re-fitting a J24, we replaced the cracked plastic hatch channels with aluminum square-U channels that we sourced at Home Depot. We put a chamfer on the top edge to reduce the chance of slicing hands or spinnakers on them.
  12. I am floored to read this. I just saw Kenny over the weekend walking around the yard/club, and I have always gone out of my way to say hi when I have seen him. I spent a couple of seasons sitting beside him on the rail in the S35's in my first big keelboat fleets out of school. I am really sorry to hear of the passing of such a kind soul.
  13. I read a few of your blog posts. Scot lucked out with this purchase, if he had to buy an Ericson 35 MkII, he bought the right one.
  14. Did you paint the wooden toe rails white, or did plastic toe rails get installed? I like the look, and I think SD Bay is a great place for a boat like yours. I'm not so sure about outside, but I think it will be great inside, and if you make the trek to Catalina.
  15. You could call yourself Team LYRA - Redux
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