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  1. The author appears to be endorsing tanks and hand-grenades for the general public. Edit: Not Razr. Quoting is hard.
  2. Life is too short to dance with fools like you.
  3. Sensational. We are no longer restricted to killing any male over the age of 15 with impunity. Women and children are now fair game too.
  4. The right direction might not be the fun route, and (as with all countries) there are a lot of idiots you need to convince.
  5. This is one of the few actual attempts at a discussion from you guys, so I'll have a go at it. So you think that people who feel they are getting fucked by society should just take one for the team to preserve your standard of living? The answer is it is too late - the dream you cling to is already gone. A simple look at the average salary over the last 50 years when compared to pretty much anything highlights one of the core difficulties: The economy has been hollowed out and civic resources savaged in the name of short-term political goals. There are no quic
  6. This would be because you are dumb and stupid and do not understand that the prosecutor has an opinion on this case too.
  7. When all you have is a hammer... Do you need me to point out that the water was only being used to carry away some of the heat?
  8. Everyone was careful about the paper trail for a reason. That's why they have it. You notice the Fusion people specifically kept Mr Steele off their payroll until after a final buyer had been found?
  9. Yes Mr Joker. We see and understand the paper trail. The Rs were organising a dirt file on Trump, then didn't need it when he won the nomination. So Fusion sold the final product to the Dems instead. Spin whatever you like.
  10. How long do you think it took them to put the dossier together? It was released only a few weeks later.... They were just haggling over who was going to finally pay for it.
  11. Because pouring water on exposed Lithium is the best way to settle it down...
  12. Certainly, if the ICC was holding american leadership to the same standard which is applied to select other countries, they would be having serious problems. But in terms of actual legal evidence (as distinct from the "america says you did it, so you will be shot at dawn" standard usually used at the ICC) I think you will find that pretty much everyone is covering everyone else. Responsibility has been expertly dispersed.
  13. Who? For what? If there is one thing governments achieve exellence in, it is spreading responsibility far and wide so noone can be personally liable. The only obvious person you could go after would be Yoo. But for what? Providing bad legal advice?
  14. Do as we say, not as we do. American exceptionalism writ large. This attitude is the reason so many people in so many countries hate us.
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