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  1. Whoops, right you are. Got my binocs crossed. I have 7x50s and 8x35s. The 8s are hard to keep steady.
  2. Thanks for the info, Zonker. Much appreciated. Didn't think to check B&H. Good stuff. We do have good binocs, but 7x35. Holding those 7x50s steady enough to actually see what you are seeing is always a problem if one isn't on one of those eerily-stable catamarans.
  3. Not sure its as big a thing nowadays. We used to have this occur every now and then (Florida/Bahamas). We assumed it was drug runners either checking if we were there to transfer something to them, or to encourage us to leave because they were expecting the same to arrive at our location. Spooky any way you look at it.
  4. Yep. Had a secretary wear one of those in 1978 when we were on a work trip to our lab in Exumas. My recollection is that the top wasn't burdened with a liner, and I was unaware there was a bottom liner. Fortunately, my wife was also along to keep me unfocused (so to speak). Whew. Some memories are more poignant than others.
  5. As an expert, I sidestep by saying, "Depends on stripe width".
  6. Wait a minute. Now all you slackers are going to claim that if the picture had just shown the TRUE color that you would have instantly recognized such a venerable item. You were thrown off by the deceptive picture. Nice try.
  7. Yeah, I guess it does lean toward the blue end in that photo. I claim iPhone color shift, it's really greener than it looks in the pic. Good news for all those Greek bikini admirers out there. Include me among those astute individuals.
  8. My crew (captain?) and I have been trying to figure out what to get in the way of night vision gear before we belatedly set off on our next year or two of cruising. Searches online have delivered a chaos of conflicting claims, overlapping goals, and everything posted seems to be many years old. Heck, search for "night vision" on SA. Useless responses. I now plead with the cumulative Oracle of SA Wisdom for input as to which technology and what configuration is actually useful for mere sailors wanting to find their way into the channel at night, or take a quick look at whoever is circli
  9. The stuff lasts a long time. I have some installed in 2003 on the bow and the cockpit sole that is still going strong. The manufacturer sells epoxy for installation (then and now) and that's what I'd used. The PSA versions were introduced later but one still had a choice of which you wanted. While I don't worry too much about the middle of a sheet, I am a bit leery of the edges staying down over time with the PSA stickum. It sort of looks like the U.S. importer quit bringing in the epoxy version except for the large diamond pattern. Last year it showed up in both versions on the web
  10. Yours was the closest answer, and your antiquity and lack of whippersnapper-osity is noted with all due respect, kind sir.
  11. So many so not close. Nay, tis the burgee of the first internet yacht club, the Compuserve-based Online Yacht Club. The alternating green and white stripes represented the printer paper used by many computer printers at that time (you know, tractor-fed, fan-fold paper with alternating green stripes to help read across the 11" width of the paper). A VWAP noted, this paper was often used to make Bikinis. Yacht Club members were storm-tested crew sifted from the venerable Compuserve Sailing Forum. Genealogically speaking, the Sailing Forum should properly be viewed as the ancient Ad
  12. Ah yes, but use the Force oh Luke-ish-one to see deeper...
  13. And...you got it. Pulled on the hardened epoxy and it just peeled the layer of PSA off the tread master. Actually, I as rather surprised at how easily the PSA film peeled off, but maybe the corners are just "dried out" or something.
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