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  1. Had to dump $800 worth of gas station diesel from a station near Bayview YC on a Farr 47. Not a fun delivery home burning through fuel filters.
  2. I'm trying to get a phrf cert for my Hobie 18 to do some course racing. Anyone know if it's ever been done?
  3. SR21's fit that bill pretty well and are around $5-10K, one pops up every now and again.
  4. You can always just get a mainsail with reefing points if you feel overpowered. I used to solo my Elliott 770 with a giant square top and auto tiller all the time. Also if you Google shorthanding the Melges 24 you will see that Oakcliff made a bid to make it the doublehander for the olympics and sailed them offshore with only 2 fairly junior lightweight sailors.
  5. Good luck with that, the occasional $15k Melges' have long since been swept up.
  6. @Admiral Hornblower Nice racing with you in Erie, that's a great club and a great bay to sail in. There's some really great info here: https://learn.internationalsailingacademy.com/ Also, great regatta EYC!
  7. Good to see LO water levels are back to normal.
  8. As shitty as this is, it would've been really cool to see them put it out with horse drawn fire-carriages.
  9. I recall a few home builds out there at one point. There was one in Lake Erie that did the Ashtabula - Port Stanley race one year in the 90's. Interesting mod's here: http://www.rossi-engineering.com/rossimountgay30update.html
  10. The "Fastest Monohull Ever Conceived" marketing is a bit dumbfounded.
  11. Crew appears to be fit and it's summer, they could tread water for a bit if they fell overboard. You'd have to hold a gun to my head to wear a PFD in those conditions.
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