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  1. This does make me appreciate my local North Sails loft in (now) Bridgeport. Love those guys
  2. When folks think about an amateur boat; we did the Vineyard race (270 miles) on our J111 with 3 adults and 5 teenagers (ages 18, 18, 15, 15, 15) and we were fine. I loved the dogwatch where we planed for nearly 4 hours with myself and 3 teenagers on my watch. Lots of wipeouts of course, but still pretty easy to handle - assuming the main trimmer knows when to blow the main.
  3. The J/111 planes ~17 knots going downwind
  4. I love this story, thank you! In a world where most of the media focuses on fear .... its nice to read something else
  5. With the caveat I have nothing to do with the marine industry, i have noticed that J-boats puts out a new model when the price of the used boats = 50% of the price when it was new. It could help them on the timing of when they can get the biggest bang out of a new model ... but its an observation and thats it.
  6. Its pretty much all about timing, how long do you want to wait, and how much you want to spend. With the full disclosure that I own a J/111, I want you to be aware of my bias: Not buying a J/111 today: 1. New design comes out and its epic. Cost of buying the new boat will be $500 - $750k for a 40+ boat? Look at the pricing of the J121 when it first came out. But if you can handle the prices on new toys vs old toys, why buy used? 2. Usually J-boat comes out with a new design when the used boat market = 50% of a new one, and we are there. If a new design comes out that rocks, the
  7. I am BLOWN away with how narrow that boat is. EVEN if it was built well and didnt flex, it effectively has the same beam as a J105 .....
  8. Didnt they sell some more this year I heard?
  9. Sorry man, I thought the videos were epic and I watched every single one ... i thought they were really well done. Im pretty bummed that it didnt work out for you guys!
  10. I shipped a J/111 from Chicago to NYC last year - very easy I used these guys: http://www.smtboat.com/ They were perfect
  11. Fuck the Red Sox ? thats going WAY to far.
  12. Congrats! We bought a J/111 in Western Long Island sound over the summer; an early model as well - no problems so far. Hope to see you out there!
  13. Ive seen the one from McMichaels last year? It looked pretty good
  14. Ah, got it. I dont usually sail over there ... but any rock that takes out a SA'er ... makes me want to know where it is, so it doesn't happen to me !
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