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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing pictures from AOC’s breast examinations. Hopefully done by a hot female “doctor”. For legitimate purposes only of course...
  2. J28


    What’s your solution? Go!
  3. I think you quoted the wrong post. Super non-racist @Steam Flyer is the poster who used the n-word. Not racist, Reichista little ole me...
  4. Jesus - you post a lot of stoooopid shit, and this one ranks right up there with some of your greatest misses. You think you might be able to find something to be outraged over that occurred this millennium? And if you want an example of repulsive and unpresidential behavior - including throwing the N-word around like a Grand Poo bah of the KKK , look into Lyndon Johnson's character when he was actually president.
  5. The bitch - and by that I mean a reasonably cordial, amicable political and social life in America - is already burned beyond repair. It's easy to pinpoint the date it happened - 11/9/2016. That was the day the Left totally lost their shit over the election of Donald Trump. If you believe there is any going back to any "reasonable" political and social discourse after the past 2-1/2 years, you're crazier than a shithouse mouse.
  6. J28


    He probabaly forgot his respirator again.
  7. No wonder you folks are known as “the looney left”.
  8. Think about this Democrats: Trump was one of the worst people to ever run for President of the United States. He's a New York City asshole. He says and tweets dumb stuff constantly. He's a narcissist. A recording of him saying women let him grab em by the pussy was released to the public just before the 2016 election. He's on his third wife. He was a known playboy for decades. He did shady stuff in his businesses. His campaign staff was a revolving door of mid-level (or less) strategists. He had a significant portion of the Republican Party declare themselves to be "never Trumpers".
  9. How do you know Barr isn't a Russian agent?
  10. What crime did Trump attempt to obstruct? Be specific.
  11. Except Mueller did not issue any sealed indictments.
  12. Our friends on the left can’t grasp the obvious. The DoJ is finished with the issue of the Trump campaign colluding or conspiring with the Russians. PERIOD. Barr and the Senate Judiciary Committee are now focused on investigating conspiracy by the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, including spying on the Trump campaign.
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