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  1. I’m surprised that Ultime Emotion wasn’t more competitive against the MOD70s. Was she sailed with an amateur crew? She finished minutes ahead of Comanche and several hours behind the MOD70s. Yellowbrick has Ultime Emotion and the MOD70s on the same rating. I thought she was longer and lighter than a MOD.. maybe shes setup for solo sailing with a shorter mast.
  2. I have a 28R and completely agree. I now have “phil’s foils” foils - both daggerboard and dagger-rudder. The factory rudder used to ventilate at 16knots. The new high aspect rudder blade (with no fence) never ventilates and, surprisingly, has much better low speed control. My race starts are better because i can now hold the boat into the wind without accidentally tacking or getting stuck in irons. The daggerboard has saved approx 10-15kgs and allows me to point high and sail faster upwind.
  3. Nowhere near as bad as a hobie 16. I’ve had a Nacra Inter18, the F18 and an Infusion. The Infusion is a great and very forgiving boat to sail in big waves and wind. The F18 is fun to sail but isnt as forgiving or reactive to sail as the Infusion. The F18 has narrow hulls and it sits “in” the water. The infusion has fat hull with lots of buoyancy and sits “on” the water.
  4. She’s narrow for her length… like a G32. I’m pretty sure the G32 had 1) a masthead float and 2) the ability to self right from a capsize.. This boat has neither. Though it is based in Dubai which has predominantly light winds.. so less of a risk of capsizing. The boat looks great in person… looks fun to sail. I’d love to see it on the race course against my trimaran. The “front tiller” is interesting. I wonder how much visibility you have tiller steering in front of the cabin house.
  5. She’s in Port Rashid Marina in Dubai. The boat is very narrow for its length. I assume this is to encourage early hull flying. https://enata.com/product/gtcat
  6. Proas are the recumbent unicycles of the sailing world.
  7. Parler was funded by the Mercer family. (https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/15/media/rebekah-mercer-parler/index.html). These are also the same people who backed Cambridge Analytica. I'm (slightly) surprised that they were so cheap on cybersecurity.
  8. Didn't the NYYC plan to develop a TF10 class to replace their monohull (swan?) fleet?
  9. Thats a great write up.
  10. I have an Fboat and my benchmark for performance upgrades has always been the Seacart 30. The Seacart 30 does not use lifting foils (I am aware of 2 that have been modified.. but these are exceptions). Would adding foils to an fboat make it as fast or faster than a Seacart? Would the cost of adding foils to an fboat (+ boat value) exceed the purchase price for a 2nd hand Seacart? I always wondered what the cheekee monkee line honours programme would have looked like if they didn't move to foils and focussed on light high volume carbon floats and T rudders. Adding foils to
  11. Taken today by my crew. It’s in a locked yard.
  12. The timestamp on Google Earth is 2020.. snd there are new buildings visible..so looks recent. I don't fancy her chance baking in the sun for decades but... I live in Dubai. I know the location. I can try and get some photos and post them here for you.
  13. I still think those steak knives are worth it.
  14. You can see the peddle drive at 1:35-ish
  15. My worry would be power. How much battery weight is required to run a tiller pilot for 700 miles? I had a 100ah lead acid battery (32kgs) running my st2000 on the return leg of the Dubai to Muscat Race. The battery lasted 34hrs / 200nm in very light wind. I was also running a chartplotter, AIS, VHF and LED navlights.. nothing excessive. Lithium Batteries would be a must. During the Muscat Race itself... we were doing very well until the last 90 miles. We were 2nd behind a Swan 100. We went from 2nd to 5th as the last 90 miles was punching upwind through big waves i
  16. ahh ok, I was assuming the Seacart 30 was closer to 950kgs with sails and engine. From Bob Perry's review here - http://sailingmagazine.net/article-327-seacart-30.html "To start with, the D/L for this boat without crew is 35.58. That's low enough for me to have double checked my math. But, if we consider that the crew is an essential part of the tri's stability profile and add four 175-pounders to the "all up racing weight" of 2,046 pounds, we get a total displacement of 2,746 and this brings the D/L up to 47.75. Any way you might choose to look at the displacement you can be certain
  17. My thinking is that the Seacart 30 is around 400kgs lighter than my F28R. It has a larger sail plan, its longer and has more buoyancy in the floats.. plus, its offshore rated.. so, in my mind, it will have better load carrying capacity.. Like for like, a loaded seacart will be faster than a loaded f-boat (28R, 82R, etc).
  18. Seacart 30 would be my choice. I have an F28R that I race long distance. In medium to high winds its a great boat... but I suffer badly in light winds carrying crew and provisions for 3 or more days. I would be looking for something light that has the ability to carry 3 crew and provisions.
  19. Story here: Anyone know what happened? What boat is it?
  20. Aren't they the company behind http://www.fboat.com
  21. There's one of these here in Dubai https://enata.com/product/foiler?3 I've heard its powered by a modified BMW hybrid engine.
  22. https://www.yachtingworld.com/multihull/francois-perus-multihull-designer-profile-118887
  23. The back of the mast has holes in it that line up with brackets on the deck to allow the base of the mast to hinge/pivot without moving out of alignment. This is only used when raising or lowering the mast.
  24. Look at what Farriers and Corsairs are doing.. it's nice and simple and works great. I'd avoid using bearings. A simple ball and socket with some tefgel once a season is what I use on my F28R. Here's what a mast ball looks like. https://www.colligomarine.com/products/farrier-rotating-mast-ball For raising and lowering.. check out the farrier system.
  25. Wow this thread got nasty real quick.. what a prick..
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