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  1. Please explain what is currently sailing now, with what keel/ballast. Thanks.
  2. There : New Beneteau First 36 - Page 3 - Sailing Anarchy - Sailing Anarchy Forums One of the builder clearly state one of the reasons for this thread keel shape. The keel you have shown picture has NOT been built. What you call "beautiful", in fact, has interested NOBODY. No one has been willing to pay what cost to be built. I just call such design (where every one blah blah blah, but no one actually buys the real thing with real money) a very bad design.
  3. In fact, they just did a very bad design. They completely forgot the price issue. Have they been paid for that design, or they just draw pixels for free ?
  4. I do not understand all this rant ... It is just a clever guy, truly interested in sailing, who wanted to show he has all the necessary skills to be part of the next Rolex Middle Sea race committee. you can’t make this shit up – Sailing Anarchy
  5. Not only powerboats : If you look there : Swan 48 - Nautor's Swan (nautorswan.com) or Swan 48 - Nautor's Swan (nautorswan.com) you see a bunch of blah blah. But not a single word on structural. You have to go there : Swan 48 - Cossutti Yacht Design to find a only little more on structural design ... Yes, it is a molded grid. Excerpt: " not only to handle the structural and engineering part, but also to lay the foundations for a new production system to rationalize and reduce construction costs" It is an well over 1M$ 50ft sailboat.
  6. The very big problem is what people prefer, and what people buy may be completely different : Back to the 40.7 : These 2 boats : the 40.7 Beneteau First407FR_GB (beneteau.com) and IMX 40 IMX-40-brochure.pdf (netdna-ssl.com) were close clones on the market about the same time. Any 40.7 buyer knew that the IMX 40 was better built, but more expensive. At the end of the story, Beneteau sold more than 700 40.7. X-Yacht only sold 99 IMX 40.
  7. Is there any money to do better ? From there : GAMA_2019Databook_ForWebFinal-2020-02-19.pdf Cirrus aircraft has sold 200 SR22 @ 600k$ in 2019. Piper sold 182 PA-28-181 @ 450k$. Cessna sold 126 C172s @ 400k$. Beneteau plan to sell 30 to 35 First 36 per year @ 250k$. I do not speak of automotive manufacturer where RollsRoyce sell over 5000 car a year, at + 300k$, Or Ferrari more than 9000 car / year, at over + 250k$. Sailboats are MUCH MUCH more craftsmanship and garage shop than industry and engineering.
  8. Not worse than former ABS Offshore Racing yacht. Nor current DNV rules. Even slightly better than Bureau Veritas :
  9. You can always do composite job a la Expedition Evans. But it wont solve bolt issue. Theses bolts are cast in the lead, and wont be easy or cheap to change. But they are critical : From the MAIB report, the lower compliance factor is from bolts. Adding fiberglass on Floor 2 will not really upgrade the whole thing, without bolt change.
  10. The grid analysis shown has been done with Nastran version 12 (written in the text). Published circa 2018. I am not sure the 1996 version could have done the same.
  11. Beam and extra transom beam create living space. The cockpit seems also well aft. Extending waterline length close to overall length also add space.
  12. Yes, mileage may vary. Beneteau sold over 700 First 40.7. From the image seascape provided, competitors Pogo 36 is in the 30-50 units. J/122 should be less than 200 (J/109 is 360) XP-38 is 83. I do not see Seascape First 36 selling more than 1/4 of the First 40.7. Roughly 100 to 200 units. Time will tell.
  13. Are you saying that you are willing to pay a sailboat price similar to combat aircraft price, for a sailboat that can continue to be seaworthy after grounding or hitting submerged object ??
  14. I am amazed to see how people do constantly refer to something that happened some 24 years ago. Yes, the First 40.7 was designed last century, circa 1997. About 24 years ago. The typical computing power available at that time was a Pentium 166, with 16 Megabytes RAM. Close to insignificant compared to my current smartphone. And the top OS was Windows 95. I do not speak of Finite Element composite analysis at that time. And for rules, the only available rules were the 57 pages Offshore Racing Yacht rules from American Bureau of Shipping, which cover ALL aspects of yacht. N
  15. Probably glued. But if they use a correct structural glue, it may be stronger than a secondary lamination. The only problem price level.
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