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  1. This 4.07 m beam is trailer able, without police escort, even without pilot car. The main problem of trailerable is weight. 3500 kg, including the trailer at least in France (that's maximum boat weight of 2700kg, all wet), unless professional truck driver. And of course the pain and time of mast, keel, rudder removal, and boat loading. Just image 20 sailboats who come by road for a regatta. How long to put them all in the water, in sailing condition, and what parking space needed... And then fancy this in the med, in summer ....
  2. What about former classes like open 9.50, intended to be a cheaper class 40 ? What about ORC GP class 26, 33, 42 ? And for One design, there is a very real acute problem : There is a SINGLE builder. While the overall turnover of the class is relatively small, other builders wont move, and the class is uninteresting. But if it become significant, other builders (that are loosing market share) will simply kill the class by building better boats, and will sell them cheaper. It is the only thing they can do, or go bankruptcy. Note : If there are several buillders for the sam
  3. A40 or A40 RC ? Not the same boats.
  4. fcfc


    Any news since last year ?
  5. No. I do not think so. I fear the Pogo powerboat is derived from Andreyale 10m | Classic Boats (tofinou.com) (check general size/weight/powering/speed). The X powerboat seems derived from PARDO YACHTS (Grand Soleil), FJORD motor yachts | Intense life. Expressively staged. (hanseyachtsag.com) Th swan look like a 48wallytender X - Wally I have not checked history, but seems that the initiators were Fjord powerboats and Wally tender.
  6. BTW, there is also the Arcona 435Z https://arconayachts.se/arcona-435z-zero-emissions/ Smaller, engine : only 1*15Kw instead of 2*10Kw, smaller battery bank 30Kw/h instead of 60Kwh. Price of the Arcona 435Z is not listed.
  7. The electric engine on the salona 46 is an option at 70 000 euros, without taxes.It is a replacement for yanmar 4jh57 sd60. So the overall cost of the electric propulsion over 80 000 €. Roughly 100 000$.... Twin 10Kw engine + 60 Kw/h battery bank. New and unique Salona 46 already has a buyer in Washington - News | Croatia Yachting Review (cyr.com.hr) I was thinking who would throw away such amount of money for an electric propulsion ?? But then a branded carbon mast for the same kind of sailboat is over 70 000€. Plus consumable sails set from North racing or other manufacturer
  8. fcfc


    It took more than 8 years for X-yachts to sell 100 xp-44. (with near half of factory price tag compared to J/45). X-Yachts - Xp 44 Hull No. #100 has left the first stage of... | Facebook I doubt Arcona has same sales figures. The successful series of X is the X4. But it is much more of a cruiser than a racer. Perhaps that's why the J/45 is so heavy, and does not have a retractable sprit.
  9. I do not understand. The report speaks about keel bolt issues. The recommendation is about welds. Where is the truth ???
  10. fcfc


    Seriously crowded market in that size : To be launched, Mat 1340 (racer side) Salona 46 (more performance cruiser) In 2020, Grand Soleil 44 In 2019 Arcona 435 ( a bit smaller) In 2018 Solaris 44 Not forgetting the Dehler 46 from 2014, on the cheaper side, if you can say that for a 46ft. And at the end, the 2 last Middle Sea Race were won by a quite older First 45... (No longer built, but about the same size and layout).
  11. It is funny winning boats are at least 10 -15 years old designs. Swan 42CS in 2019. Landmark 43 in 2018. X-41 not far behind in 2018-2019. Some First 40 and XP-44 in the middle.
  12. How did they determine it needed 10 layers ??? Not 8 or 12 ??
  13. If you use that kind of glue (Plexus, Spabond), is glassing useful ???
  14. Not sure. On this Pogo 50 photo, it is clear that the tiller is not on the rudder shaft. There is some mechanical linkage between.
  15. I fear you mistook what is really a Pogo 50 : https://www.pogostructures.com/en/fiche-bateau/pogo-50/ It is listed under cruising boat, not racing, the production started in 2012, 8 years ago. And it has a basic list price of 610 000€, including the swing keel, and carbon mast. I do not think there are many cruising 50 ft one off that can be built under 600k€. For other 50ft performance cruising boat, you can find the Swan 48, launched 2019 :You can find in the last page of the brochure https://www.nautorswan.com/w1/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Swan48-LR.pdf It is build i
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