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  1. I actually laughed out loud at this, thank you mate. I think they mixed up weight with gross tonnage, goodness me! We've added lead keels everyone! Guys, the boat is great, nothing wrong with it except for the usual little bits and bops. We were at St Tropez last week reaching, doing 24knots J2, 1st reef, I swear with the A5 up that boat will do 30 knots in flat water! I cannot add anything about topic or link, sorry. Just want to stop any doubts about the boat in their tracks. If you want to know more just contact me. Owner keeps the boat near a big refit facility
  2. We stripped less than a ton out, just dishwasher, washing machine, bow thruster, etc. The interior is fully in tact, they remove the galley island for racing as all GB68s can do with the island setup. Since they are going for the 80 they didn't see the need to go gangbusters on this boat and we also discourage taking away the cruising aspect of the boats / going too far. They beat Allegra over the water in Loro Piana for a few races, for this one it was a bit lighter some days where they didn't do so well and also it is a boatrace, I haven't had the debrief with them yet so not sure why
  3. This is terrible news. My thoughts and love to all those involved. Let's give them some time to take stock and give feedback on the event when they are ready, without jumping to any conclusions. This is a bad day for anyone in the multihull world and indeed any sailor!
  4. Apologies for the slow replies we've been doing a lot of sailing on 68-03 over here, in lieu of the Cannes Boat Show. For prospective clients it's been much more valuable than a show visit, of course we would have loved to show the boat to more people. Next year, I hope life is more back to normal! I'll answer some of the questions with a little info - forgive the cloak and dagger but this is early days and we're trying to be respectful to the owners with whom we are still working through some of the steps of the project. Ah ha! It's finally happening - aft helms on a Gunboat.
  5. We've quietly been working on something new the past few months. Watch this space!
  6. Ha, no of course if you're going fast then there will be a lot of apparent wind, let me clarify that statement: Because you have a wall behind you and you're tucked into a recessed hole in the boat, it is less windy that the equivalent exposed aft helm. Even on Allegra (APC Irens 78 footer), which have done an amazing job of designing a sexy and functional aft helm (They still have a forward cockpit though!), they put up little spray dodgers for sailing offshore - they reckon it is just really tiring without it.
  7. Ah ha! A forward cockpit thread! Haven't had one of these for a few years, or... weeks. My ears were burning, so happy to delve in a little. Firstly, I am by no means a forward cockpit convert or evangelist, just happen to have built a lot of boats with them, as well as aft helm boats - short answer is it depends what you want. However, I think the idea of the fwd pit/outside helm is often misunderstood. I deal with this question 50 times a day at boatshows and literally weekly online. People often think that interior helm boats are designed with the helm inside as the driving desi
  8. We had Goiot in the office on Monday - to be clear this is for a square hatch, not for the hatch shown in the image. It is the 49.42. As I was explained: To be more technical, the square one only has dogs on one side, so the acrylic can shift on the hinge side. the round ones have dogs almost all the way around, there isn't a way the acrylic can shift, so we are safe. If you have the square hatch, stop sailing and contact Goiot or at least make a plywood cover or emergency stopper for the hole immediately.
  9. Someone commented "Lenny Whitelum" L O L
  10. I haven't worked with Honeycomb for a while now, but the pressure on top of each cell (on top of the laminate) is just taken by the cell walls in compression, what you can to avoid is edge loading/side pressure or the whole thing will concertina on you. That is why they always edge the sheets with either (or both) a hard mold/wood edge or by filling it with resin/core bond. I think you can also get away with it using a long core chamfer down to zero. We once did the edging and chamfers for a monohull raceboat nomex hull core with corecell foam, to be safe.
  11. I'll add to this a little: Someone recently told me that they heard an insurance company tell them that on 'performance boats', if you make a little hole in the hull - the entire hull needs to be replaced. I just thought: what a silly thing to say. Where does that come from? It must have stemmed from something and definitely you can consider some incidents where wet-bagged double cut core allowed water to propogate through the core meant huge swaths of under DWL core needed to be replaced. Or perhaps it is worse for Nomex honeycomb , although I thought it was impermeable in the sid
  12. In case there are still some of you smart kids reading this - will water propagate through nomex honeycomb if punctured below DWL?
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