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  1. This one was a push, but 1 month after launch, Dash is in Sardinia and on day 1 in the Med they caught a 50kg Tuna. Almost like a little gift to the owners as a nod to their fully cruising program! They put the biggest Yeti cooler I've ever seen in the forward cockpit Cannes boatshow on the 10th September. Best seatrials I've had on any boat, platform is rock solid. First Lorima rig just- well it just works! Usual teething leaks in plumbing and dings in furniture, but we can see our quality compounding and the experience of the team showing.
  2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions here, but in the interest of being factual I’d like to clarify a few things: In 2012 a Gunboat 60 was selling for $2.5-2.7 Mil with aircon, sails, genset, exworks Xiamen, China. (Source: I was the PM) A HH55 does not have the same internal volume and so far nobody knows if it is 95% of the performance of a GB68 in the real world, but it was designed as an owner operator boat and of course, it all depends on weight and conditions. Ask the question: if HH6603 Nala is 95% the performance of GB6801 Condor, then why or how would HH align thei
  3. I haven't worked with Honeycomb for a while now, but the pressure on top of each cell (on top of the laminate) is just taken by the cell walls in compression, what you can to avoid is edge loading/side pressure or the whole thing will concertina on you. That is why they always edge the sheets with either (or both) a hard mold/wood edge or by filling it with resin/core bond. I think you can also get away with it using a long core chamfer down to zero. We once did the edging and chamfers for a monohull raceboat nomex hull core with corecell foam, to be safe.
  4. Solid finish yesterday with Condor coming in first elapsed and on corrected(?) Congrats to FLOW who won the regatta over VaiVai in the very last race!
  5. Hi everyone! I’m not racing (we’re putting GB6802 in the water next week – all hands on deck at the factory!) but I am watching it closely of course. I’d like to give some perspective the way I see it, not making any excuses and there is certainly room for improvement, just the analysis of good and bad takeaways from the racing so far. I won’t comment on the rating, it is obviously a work in progress, but can comment on the elapsed times. I put the elapsed finishes below, 4 x 2nd and Friday 2 x 1st place finishes for Condor: Takeaways thus far
  6. Solar panels are Solbian fully walk-on panels with usual soft deck shoes or barefoot (but will be hot in sun of course!). Wash like you would a deck, it's just plastic you're cleaning - soap and water. Self dry or wipe dry. You can stand on it, despite there being a big "NO STEP" sign on it. I've seen guys do it, it will take it - I think they are most worried about hurting the seals or mechanism than the polycarbonate. For example, if it were half open it may get damaged. Or if fully open you will fall through! So best to get used to never stepping there. Thank you, we always
  7. I'll add to this a little: Someone recently told me that they heard an insurance company tell them that on 'performance boats', if you make a little hole in the hull - the entire hull needs to be replaced. I just thought: what a silly thing to say. Where does that come from? It must have stemmed from something and definitely you can consider some incidents where wet-bagged double cut core allowed water to propogate through the core meant huge swaths of under DWL core needed to be replaced. Or perhaps it is worse for Nomex honeycomb , although I thought it was impermeable in the sid
  8. In case there are still some of you smart kids reading this - will water propagate through nomex honeycomb if punctured below DWL?
  9. Whoops, before we get too excited - Watt and Sea HydroGenerator.
  10. We're fortunate that the two boats exhibit the book-ends well. 6802 is a full cruising program. The focus is on practical, fun, fast and luxurious cruising. Standard non-rotating 25M rig, Standard "Short" 6m Daggerboards, Kevlar and PBO rigging, 2 fewer sails. 2 extra batteries for a big 6 x 180Ah energy tank to store solar and hydrogen power. A couple of custom interior changes. Dive compressor, toy storage, we even insulated the outdoor sink to turn it into an icebox! My kind of program Important thing is that the platform is the same. If this owner -or the next - wanted to put a
  11. 13KW up and down electric Maxpower thruster in port sail locker. Adds around 200Kg of weight to the boat - partly because there are 2 x 180Ah 12V batteries up there in series to run it. We looked at taking power off the hydraulic power pack, but it would have tripled the size and ended up heavier. We don't have a PTO available on the engine (Alternators coming from this), so electric with local batteries was most efficient. I was a skeptic, but that thing really works incredibly well, such a huge comfort factor when docking. If weight was the first consideration on every decision, then yes - o
  12. I've seen people just had a big cutting board they put down on the teak on the swim platform, also seen some people use the fishing rod holders to slot in an off the shelf plastic prep table. Just use the deck wash (fresh or salt).
  13. Yep, a brand new boat that left France in rather a rush to hit some weather windows for the crossing. They have some prep to do before summer cruises and we're supporting them with a very short warranty list considering it is the first boat of a series. Touch wood she's going really well and I was told the boat looks good as new - the crew are doing a fantastic job taking care of her. She'll be sailing again in a week or so.
  14. No need for speculation, doom and gloom. Hull 3 sold a month ago, she is in structural fitout and her deck is being demolded. GB6804 has officially started with the inside skin almost complete. Several prospects have done seatrials on Condor and have or are still to come to France for visits. Turns out if you actually sell these boats at the right price the market is a little smaller (ha!). More than enough interest to keep building, most important is to maintain quality and streamline production. Yep it's official, with 3 boats in the yard we actually have a "production line
  15. Correct. Carbon is louder than fibreglass, but think of why? Carbon doesn't give or move so the energy is transferred more efficiently from the slam through the composite because of the stiffness. But consider how much a eglass boat will flex and move, each panel warping under the load. This is a loss of energy being absorbed by the structure. I'm not going to argue about how much this matters because I am not sure to be honest. But to me if it really didn't matter they would just build raceboats out of eglass. Stiffness always matters for performance. The MCB decision to do eglass hulls with
  16. Yo Zonker, I thought I'd bite... I put a 1 meter steel rule on edge on GB6803 hullsides, just demolded. I think I could push paper through some spots but not a paperclip You guys will have to wait to see the whole thing, but our composite team absolutely killed it on this infusion. Not a dry spot, void or wrinkle to be found. A little teaser of the most complex area ("breakthrough" near the transom outboard):
  17. Oh dear I've opened up the Proa Pandora's box! I'm out.
  18. Hi Harryproa! I think we will agree to disagree, but I like your concepts (and would also like to see more) and I will explain why we don't do this. Thanks for the compliment! On the Gunboat 68 this would mean losing a wardrobe and a head and adding quite a lot of weight. It just isn't worth the downsides for us. We've already made the cases rather long so that people can play with canting systems in future. Fortunately, None of this has happened after numerous collisions with various objects over our 15+ year history. This isn't a problem we've been asked to solve. (Except t
  19. Hi everyone, first things first: Condor arrived in Sint Maarten after sailing from the Canaries in 12 days. It was a low load and comfortable down wind gybing passage all the way. Nice job to the owner and the crew for bringing her across safely. No major incidents reported. Correct. The core has perforations in it that allow resin to flow through to the mold side. Daggerboards are designed to break before the cases that hold them do. We cannot create weak points for the board to more easily shear off. Here's why: Many high aspect boards have two UD planks, one of which is in
  20. Awlgrip fairing compound is pink, as well as Alexseal - that is what you are seeing in the images.
  21. Holy smokes that is actually pretty awesome. I've never seen those images before and really glad it failed like I've always imagined it will. I think with the metal knife/edge you wouldn't have the wedge issue, so I'm sticking to my crazy idea for now edit: typo
  22. Something I've asked a few structural engineers is if we should actually put a solid metal (Ti?) wedge at the back of the board, just attached/glued to the back of the case/housing. This would help to really cut the board if it starts to move aft into the bearing structure. I've had mixed responses. Some like the idea because they know their hull structure won't be compromised in case the - as you say - quite rigid fwd-aft shape of the daggerboard doesn't break and starts cutting into the boat. All I know is that there is no way one of our daggerboards will stay 100% in tact when a
  23. @Zonker those images are pretty epic. Beaching the boat to do a repair in Chagos sounds like an adventure worth remembering. The crash bow did its job. Nice work. Personally I think a hungry shark just took a bite out of your board, how perfect is that shape?
  24. A good question, thank you. Your first line of defence when you think there may be something you could hit is to go slow and raise the boards and the rudders up. Not many boats this size can boast a 1.2m (<4ft) draft. But I know you want the good stuff so I'll answer your real question: There's so much crap out there it has become not a question of IF but unfortunately WHEN. Fortunately impacts are usually against small UFOS like logs. To protect against that the bows, boards and rudders have reinforced leading edges. The bow has solid carbon section and a decent amount of
  25. Condor has essentially got Southern spars (branded Hall for obvious reasons) bullet locks. Same thing as in the rig. There are pro's and con's for all options which are well summarised by others in this thread, as well as personal or owners preference. GB6802 will have a similar but different autolocks, but not a hook. For those saying clutches or jammers, nothing against that but honestly our loads are so huge and the line diameter and holding capabilities without slippage etc accompanied by the addional compression and carbon/patching required to handle said load drives us to loc
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