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  1. I thought the same thing when I left 35-odd years ago. Except for the women. They were a lot slimmer then.
  2. I'll ask about El Paso, because I think he prefers West Texas over any other area except for maybe the Gault site on Buttermilk Creek. Just saw him a few days ago at HEB. I know he didn't do anything in Kerrville because I asked him about Hall's Cave, a well dated Clovis site that recent research has shown Platinum spikes in the black mat at about 12.8ka and 11.6ka, that brackets the Younger Dryas climate catastrophe and extinction event. The oldest date seems to be yet another data point supporting the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (Firestone et.al.). I don't know of any other Pt spikes
  3. Look up a tire rating chart. I wouldn't go with anything below an "M" if you don't drive fast while towing. Avoid the questionable Chinese stuff.
  4. I'm guessing you were standing on shore. That pic could be any number of rivers around here. Guadalupe, Blanco, Colorado... Don't recall anyone with a plastic cat. I vaguely recall you visiting DaveK in Austin when he had a Weta, but that has one more hull than you remember. Was alcohol involved, perhaps?
  5. Rod Favela took six first place finishes with an 85 at the 2017 Wurstfest Regatta. Light wind, IIRC.
  6. Curious if you recall where some digs were. Do you possibly remember Harry Shafer? Been an archeologist here for maybe 60 years, working all over the state. Established the archeology program at A&M and more recently, curated the second floor exhibit on the Pecos Indians at the Witte Museum. He's a hoot to be around. As a kid playing along Salado Creek, I remember we found musket balls from the 1840's Battle of Salado Creek and the Dawson Massacre. One playmate found a couple grapeshot from the Mexican Army's cannon; I envied him.
  7. I'm guessing the speed limit back then was 55 mph, so yeah, plenty of time for your third molars to fully erupt. We would drive "the 10 Freeway" and in the panhandle at night; scenery was pretty boring for hours and driving at night minimized the lack of speed. Keeping an eye out for critters would help keep one alert. But not always successfully. One time on a rural highway southeast of Odessolate, late at night under a full moon, the local rabbits were having a rave. In the road as far as I could see. Honking only made them turn tail and run in the opposite direction down the road. Af
  8. So we know Mr Fusion can run on stale beer and banana peels with not much shielding. Does anyone know if it's an aneutronic process?
  9. Yeah, about an hour or so South of them, which is near in Texas.
  10. Well, one of the pax, a retired Navy Chief's wife flying Space A, thought it was just a rough landing. Guessing she couldn't see daylight. The instructor crew flying 84-059 out of Dover got a thrust reverser not locked light shortly after takeoff, maybe ten minutes or twelve, so shut down the engine per the TO. Came back around to make a three engine landing, which they train for. Every emergency checklist item basically screwed up due to the A/C commander getting pissed off at being vectored and slightly delayed for his instrument landing due to fire trucks not being in position yet.
  11. View of LCYC, Canyon Lake, TX
  12. I hope the guys whose feet were dangling from the seats shown here on the pax deck were wearing their brown pants, for a little extra margin. Glass cockpit, so not a completely yestertech C-5.
  13. Global fight over water? Nothing new, so I didn't watch Ed's youtube. Did it mention the USAF/NATO providing air cover to the Muslim Brotherhood in 2011 to help them trap and murder Khadafi after he had finally agreed to abdicate and leave? It wasn't just the 140 odd tons of gold bullion and similar silver reserves that would have destabilized EU currency had he remained in power. Check out the vast aquifers he controlled. And I remember reading on Democrat Underground some 15 years ago that the Bush crime family bought a hundred thousand acres or more above the Gurani Aquifer in Sout
  14. Here's the flight engineer's desk in an old version of the C-5. From the lap brick, I think MADARS III. Look like a boring place to sit? A bit overwhelming, huh? When a friend and co-worker was transitioning from a C-130 FE to C-5 in 1985 or so, he was amazed and challenged at the additional complexity. Really only mentioning this because he rode 68-228 into the dirt at Ramstein during Desert Shield and to remind people how dangerous military aviation can be even as we mock the occasional cock-up.
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