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  1. What do they expect when they hold a race and do not let anyone come to watch. We San Franciscans were much more hospitable to the Kiwis than they were to us.
  2. Sounds like roughly the same position as the Flyin Hawiian rescue. These guys keep the Coast Guard busy out there.
  3. Ha, the red and green braces are one of the reasons I will not watch this guys videos.
  4. Kiwis won’t even let anyone into their country to watch. When it was in San Francisco we let thousands of them in to watch the races. Not too sporting if ya ask me.
  5. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/6317/6317-h/6317-h.htm
  6. I was under the impression Joshua Slocum was the first.
  7. Yep I have read about diesels in Cessnas and Diamonds but don’t think I have actually ever seen one. Have you?
  8. 1900 that’s an impressive number. Especially when you multiply by two. Wonder what was in them?
  9. How many diesel piston aircraft engines have you ever seen in person? I read about them in magazines for decades but don’t think I ever saw one in person.
  10. NBC? Who watches stuff on NBC? I watch stuff in the internet. Hope to watch the next AC in person like I did San Francisco. If not I will use the internet.
  11. I have always enjoyed hearing the stories of people calling up Catalina and getting to speak with the man himself. What a great legacy to leave.
  12. Even if the legs are above or below the tiller they are frequently attached to bodies that can get in the way.
  13. I have been wanting to attend the Annapolis boat show for years. Each year something prevents me from making the trip. I guess I already know what that is this year. Bummer
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