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  1. It's the second time we see Apivia doing a big effort to avoid heavy weather. It costs him miles, but it might be a smart thing to do in the long run.
  2. https://www.pinterest.com/flying_anarchy/
  3. An EPIRB is part of GMDSS, is registered to a specific boat and can be triggered automatically. A PLB is not part of GMDSS, is registered to a person and is not allowed to be triggered automatically. An AIS PLB, I guess you know what it is... I carry a PLB and AIS PLB in my life vest. No need for all that fuzz.
  4. I struggled a lot with halyard wraps on my Facnor furler, while it had the deflector. Turns out these deflectors are actually made to prevent spinnaker halyards being caught in the head sail wen it gets furled. Installed a halyard restrainers after years of misery, problem solved. Lost the restrainer this year (pulled out of the mast),.... and immediately a major wrap issue notwithstanding the deflector that's still there. My neighbour has the same furler and exactly the same expirience.
  5. What's your point exactly? AT managed to push the boat in a way that's not captured by the sensors?
  6. Can you stop insulting me and try to have a constructive discussion. It does not matter where the boat broke. The question is if it was sailed beyond it's design limitations. Do you think a boat that breaks in its first storm is suited to sail the Southern Ocean?
  7. It's clear there are issues. But this whole discussion started with the insinuation that AT was the weak link in ATR's program.
  8. I understand these limitations, But in my option the structural sttrenght of the bow should not get compromised as long as I don't push the boat that far that it loses its rig. Otherwise it's under dimensioned.
  9. You know better than the engineers who designed the boat? Do you think it's the first time a boat sailed through such conditions?
  10. A few days after Theta their was an interview with the ATR team captain and he confirmed AT sailed the boat very conservatively. They have all the data from the sensors, so if he was wrecking the boat they would know.
  11. And The Netherlands, and a few millions of other people worldwide. Strange to be on this forum and not realise that.
  12. You clearly don't understand France is not going to stop globalisation.
  13. ROI? I understand. Providing some English content on their site would for sure require them to invest 3.000€. About 300 million people worldwide speak French, in a very limited number of countries...
  14. Sponsors doing business outside France do care. And it's because French didn't bother It's difficult for foreigners to find sponsors. Luckily things have changed for the good and the RQ does a good effort in providing content in English. (just had a look at Apivia's website as I have no clue who they are. Their site is exclusively French. What a missed opportunity).
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