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  1. HuronBouy

    Oz Music

    Obscure How does a Canadian know this guy we used to play one of his songs in a band I was in with Ozzies in ealry 80's
  2. Why would you want to ham string the power of your government at some arbitrary time before an election the term is 4 years of governance not 3 or 2.5 or 3.5 or what ever its 4. Oy vey you guys are meshugana!!!
  3. Are we discussing the hypocrisy or the policy. Settle on one and move on If McConnell reversed on this issue, it is what it is; he is a weasel. If someone said the same thing earlier and did not change policy then they may be wrong or right but they are not a weasel (in this circumstance) So please fuck off with whataboutism again.
  4. Lie the US into a war for their own personal profit? You mean like Dick Cheney???
  5. I got to 35 knots up wind or so my wife Morgan Fairchild said ...that's right 35 knots, ya that's it 35
  6. HuronBouy


    A guy into the doctor and says Preparation H does work adding "For all the good they did I might as well shoved them up my ass."
  7. Yah but with those little stick-like masts it's called a sail boat??
  8. This the one you pass on the BYC Mac Cove Island
  9. What happenned to you right wingers wanting a free market that only "pure" capitalism (no tarifs) can provide?
  10. Yah but Canada is a threat to US national security. So energy/economic arguments are moot.
  11. Ducks unlimited is about preserving wetland so ducks can thrive so people can kill them. NTTIAWWT So really they are an environmental group. Cause you can kill a duck with gun or cross bow or bow and arrow or a poison dart nothing to do with guns per se
  12. My wife through out my porn collection. Practical sailor, Wooden Boats, Cruising (sailboat) Life not Cruising (wife exchange) Life. Anyways I got over it by moving up 10 feet. Fuck 3 foot-itis.
  13. I never played on Jeopardy I slept in a Holiday Inn once. Sorry couldn't resist.
  14. Jeopardy smart ass I hate him too
  15. I would 40% more purchasing power would be better I can be arbitrary as well.
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