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  1. I own a J70 I keep in the water most of the time on an inland lake. Its a family day sailor and club racer probably use it 2 days a week in warm months and 2-3 times a month in cooler months generally put it away for a bit in the winter. I race against Holder 20s, Ultimate 20s and M20s as well as a bunch of 4KSBs the handicap is hard to overcome but crossing the line first always feels good. It has a very slick black widow bottom burnished to 1,000g that seams to be as fast as gelcoat at my skill level. I live 2 miles from my club I can be from my house to on the water with the sails up in le
  2. I looked for about 6 months. I found 2 decent boats but didn't act fast enough on either, one sold in 3 days the other in 4 hours. Good Luck
  3. There is one listed on the J70 NA, classifieds
  4. I find Astral makes the most comfortable on the market.
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