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  1. I think Bar Karate should cover the results from the Aussie commissioned scans...
  2. Love that the East Canadian fleet is growing! We've got 12 very active boats sailing every Thursday on Lake Ontario with another 4 that will be joining for local events. We should explore meeting somewhere more central for a 2023 Canadian Championship.
  3. What is your mast butt measurement? And Forestay length?
  4. The young guys raced the piss out of an old one with shit sails in Lanier for a winter and pissed the old guys off by winning with a boat worth less than the old guy's sails.
  5. Its not a matter of results. The team that won the worlds in 2019 would have won in any manufacturer if they had put that level of rig work and sail R&D. Unfortunately this did lead to more questions being asked and the fact of the matter is their was fundamental differences between boats. This would have been found out eventually however winning the worlds lit a fire.. whether it was the boat or not.
  6. World Sailing made it official.....https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/IECAruleinterpretation-[27129].pdf M11 hulls are no longer recognized as class legal Etchells.
  7. There was one for sale in Barrie, Ontario not sure if it sold or the owners decided to keep it.
  8. This is anything but a simple solution. The reason the class is so attractive is the very strict one design nature. Simply getting the other builders to spend the nearly $750,000 for a mould is unreasonable. Not to mention the value of every Etchells constructed with the real moulds (8 +10) becoming 0 once you approve Mould 11. The only fleet that has a serious problem is the Australian fleet. There are not a significant number Aussie hulls in NA that are from Mould 11. However the hulls that came 1 and 2 at worlds are both still here. The Aussie Class guy is flinging shit everyw
  9. Odds of the Chicago-Mac taking place this year ?
  10. Would have been much much worse if they were armed with America's beloved AR-15...
  11. Not really... Most guns in ownership are hunting rifles or handguns. No semi or fully automatics up here... For that reason alone we are far from being anywhere close to "well on the way"
  12. Jib Top Reacher + inhaulers. + code zero
  13. C&C 30 had a better launch .. and we know how that one has turned out...
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