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  1. I might need to vpn to a different country so I don't have to hear jobson anymore...
  2. Said like a true Linux user.
  3. I am not comfortable, in 2021, running unsupported. Too much bad shit out there these days and I'll take almost every ounce of free protection I can to not get hosed (again). I'll run W10 for as long as I can. Windows has been subscription based for a while now, as it relates to Enterprise. I'm on the fence of whether my org needs Enterprise or not, but M$ is definitely making some coin from the large orgs out there that have determined they need it.
  4. Oh man. I really loved that guy's tales of jets. fuck.. We've lost too many good people from this site.
  5. Innocent Bystander passed? What?
  6. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck.
  7. "fuck.... i need to cut a ring off.... maybe 3".
  8. I thought that was the 4th mode? There was some boat that was really good at that but I can't remember what it was called.
  9. If you play the sailing scenes, ignore the dialog and boat positions, and listen to the soundtrack, it's actually a pretty great movie for about 35minutes.
  10. I die a little inside almost every race.
  11. I'm just skipping through the video , but one think i noticed is they didn't taper the jib sheet. I also ran FSE robline, and it's a great line to taper. I would set it up so that the splice sits a few inches in front of the cleat at max max max trim. I don't think they talked about the bridle, but i recommend running the bridle to a single line adjust. Basically, port side runs through the port fairlead, starboard side doubles back to also run through the port fairlead, splice them together and run them to the same slide-splice adjuster. I think was how i ran it. something like that - been ab
  12. Holy hell and i thought i had trashed practice sails... (circa 2009) Hey cooper/OP, give me a shout if you've got any questions about 29er's and dealing with old boats. I'm a SYSP alum and some people probably still remember as the 29er obsessed dude (still am). I get down to Sarasota once or twice a year these days and could help you out in person as well. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  13. Say it with me.... Excel. Is. Not. A. Database.
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