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  1. Holy hell and i thought i had trashed practice sails... (circa 2009) Hey cooper/OP, give me a shout if you've got any questions about 29er's and dealing with old boats. I'm a SYSP alum and some people probably still remember as the 29er obsessed dude (still am). I get down to Sarasota once or twice a year these days and could help you out in person as well. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  2. Say it with me.... Excel. Is. Not. A. Database.
  3. Wespey ina nighty.... There's some nightmare fuel.
  4. That is one of the funniest things I've ever read on this website.
  5. Do they still kill your neck or do they sit lower on your back now?
  6. The spinlock tether I have just had a loop in the end. To be cow hitched to the harness. I have a wichard snap shackle from an old wichard tether cow hitched instead.
  7. How would you release a tylaska under load? You gonna dig your fid out? Or do you think you'll have the prescience of mind try and dig your finger in firm enough that the trigger will release (unlock your finger or thumb - which will probably stay in the tylaska for a moment before falling out the side opposite your hand used to be).
  8. A little troubling to think that eczema could be a factor in this, or perhaps his was worse than mine. For a lot of years i used to get the topical steroid prescription but found it tended to make things worse. Unfortunately, the best thing for my hands seems to have been quitting (due to geography) dinghy sailing. Left Hook and some other people here can vouch for how bad it used to be for me - my hands would practically fully molt the first month of college sailing, but I haven't really had anything that bad since I graduated. That said.... I will also stay away from the alcohol till, I supp
  9. Haven't opened the site since I have nothing to compare it to, but I'll always believe that APS changing their website was one of the major reasons they stopped selling hardware and ultimately closed the doors. I could find every common and not common part, and the really obscure stuff was still accessable as well. When they went to the new site (back in like 2013) it all went to shit.
  10. Again.... If the pc came with w10, the key is likely embedded and will be read when you load a fresh install (download the iso from m$). There should be no need to go out and buy a license or a new pc. The days of suffering through drivers are mostly over. It's a brave new world post xp and 7. I never thought I would get over the w10 ckusrerfucks (ok the chdisk corrupting the drive on h2 is pretty fucked up) but it's actually proving to be an improvement of w7. And the ease of a fresh install is a big part of that. On my work boxes (no graphics or audio cards) I just put the os back on,
  11. If it came with windows 10 the key should be read when it boots up the first time. Download w10 from m$ and see what happens. If it reads the key (you may need to go to activation and manually tell if you want to activate) you won't see any text on the lower right corner of the screen. Otherwise, I usually buy my licenses (server and office etc) from cdw.
  12. Not sure how much of it is evolution.... I bought hull 200 in 2008 or 9, and it was sufferenint front pile-driven mast as well, even when I first bought it. Had to keep shaving the tracks down to keep them from butting off. Not sure what the numbers are today but I ran 21units on the forstay for heavy air, maybe 24 if it was survival conditions. Normal was 18. Or was 18 super light? Shit it's been a while. Also..... What's the xs?
  13. In retrospect..... The good news is once this shit is over I can stop forwarding front desk calls to my extension and go back to ignoring numbers I don't recognize. I could probably stop now but I'm a bit appaled at how long it takes a call to get answered in the second hunr group so I've kept it going. One of the people that used to be part of the second group is remote and threw a huge hissy fit when I said I wanted to get her back in the queue (oh my God I'm so overburdened and working from home is so difficult.... Nevermind I've automated about half of her job over the last six months)
  14. Since the first lockdown in June I've had the front desk call overflow (or primary if the front desk person isn't in or we lockdown again etc) rolling to my desk phone, which also rings the soft phone (my cell). That pretty much killed my ability to screen only contacts I know, I need to answer all calls. The only exception are numbers from my home area code. I know those are spam if I don't have a contact saved. I love also been getting hit with call center calls for lowering my energy bill. Those are humans, at least, so I get to fuck with them for a while. I try to waste as muc
  15. There is a thread in dinghy anarchy. Sarasota youth sailing program is where I learned to race, and I'm absolutely gutted over the incident.
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