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  1. 10 years ago kokotat was worth the premium for goretex. I went from a henrilloyd to kokotat and was wayyy more comfy for college sailing. That said, inflation is a bitch and I think they're quite a bit more than I paid.
  2. Never had issues with roller blocks in every application on our j109 or hobie33. I'd say the majority of the blocks, even in the vang and mast-base halyard blocks, on all of the 38-44ft race boats I've been on have been roller.
  3. OP is also posting in the Hobie 33 facebook group but being really cagey about it. Part of me almost wants to bite, I miss my old 33.... But not today.
  4. I'm in. Wait... I did this already. hmm...
  5. The ring was a hoop (oblong oval) with the wire connected to the top, and the trap hook going to the bottom. The style hoop also has a welded bar in the middle. I've never been sure if the intent of that bar was to be a high-hook position, or to hold the bungie return cord. I usually taped the hell out of the top section to try and keep my hook out of it. At any rate, it can be difficult to get the hook out of the top ring, especially if you taped it - but in general the geometry can lead to the hook not popping off cleanly when the system is unloaded, especially of the ring goes sideways on t
  6. The Hawaii incident was different. The hook got caught on the rack netting.
  7. I'll also add that the crew's trap ring is a huge hazard and should be replaced for a ronstan ring. I hate those rings. They can get stuck on the hook (and have for me, even bottom section). And caused a drowning some years ago in Annapolis.
  8. I think I've got a us robotics 56k in the office closet, want me to send it to you?
  9. What a goddamn disgrace this thread is.
  10. Does it have anything to do with airmar transducers?
  11. this thread makes me want to go a 5oh... but i need to quit my job and move someplace closer to the water again first...
  12. that's an FJ, based off of the centerboard trunk and jib tracks. But then... there appears to be awfully little freeboard in the transom for it to be an FJ. Bow is too pointed for a 420 too. eh. Mainsheet appears to be configured for a 2:1 off the back of the boom. So, block at the aft end of the trunk, up to the boom, aft along the boom (through a catcher or three so you don't get hung. I often just used electrical tape folded in half where the main runs through it if i didn't have anything better on hand), to a block on a bridle*, back to the block at the end of the boom and tied to it
  13. I've launched from a dock where I didn't need to get my feet wet maybe twice - at least outside of college sailing. With a boat like the 29er that would mostly be a non starter anyway at all but the most protected launching sites since you need to hold the boat at the shrouds... and even then those docks were a bit perilous (looking at you Coconut Grove). Not to mention if you capsize or if the cockpit swamps. Plus water is constantly draining down your leg when you're hiking and can eventually get an uncomfortable amount of water in your boot.
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