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grew up sailing at the age of 6 with my dad on an old Catalina 42. Moved to an Island Packet a few years later. About six years ago we got a J109, which we raced actively in the local PHRF series's in Tampa Bay. We did a lot of shorthanded sailing/racing with that boat so im well versed in all the positions. I started racing dinghies actively about seven years ago, starting off in radials before crewing 420's. I crewed 420's for about 4 years too long before i got my 29er about 3years ago.I still crew usually. In the seven or so years that i've been racing i've also sailed as many different types of boats as i could, megles 24's, F18's, 49er's, Tripp 33/37, and many others. Now that im going to school in the north east im back to OPB's, so if you're ever in need of a bowman or trimmer, or just someone light to get up to max weight, give me a shout.



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