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  1. If anyone has leads on a transom or outboard bracket mount pedal drive, send them my way. I would like to find one rather than go through the full learning curve myself. I am loving this thread and the new format race for this year. It is a perfect proving ground for a couple of concepts I want to test out before making a full run to Ketchikan - very low likelyhood of pulling it off this year given the kiddo and pandemic - but a guy can dream right? Working list of items to trick out the moore 24: -bowsprit and code zero for light air -already have the turbo assym setup f
  2. Tangent- I think we are looking at this all wrong. Look. At. How. Perfectly. He. Parked. The. Boat. (in the sand, keel and rig up, in Alaska...) Whole new untapped market in the USA for trophy wives everywhere: Rimas the docking Tutor. So what if your husband doesn't know how to dock your 60' Bayliner? For the low low price of $599 and a plane ticket from American Samoa, you can fly Rimas Messelshesusy, Americas Sailor and newest do it yourself yachting instructor, to your boat for customized on the water teaching sessions. Windward shore? No problem. Run out of viagra? No pro
  3. Couch already picked up on the movie trailer, but I would love to see this one in poster form: Rimas phone home?
  4. Anyone done a cross check with AIS to see if he is stuck on the bow of a supertanker yet?
  5. And to add my two cents... I challenge everyone who has donated to donate the same to the youth bunch. I would welcome the Ed to put this on the front page. It would be fun to see which party would get more over a set time period. STYC donated more than $8k to SSP last year. Even if we convinced enough SA wankers to donate the same to both... well... I don't really want to see what 8k will do to a SJ24 campaign...
  6. Allright, this has gone on long enough. I am starting my own counter campaign to help a great local youth organization. Donate here instead if you disagree with where this thread is heading. http://www.sailsandpoint.org/support-ssp/ ***disclaimer : the aforementioned group has not asked for my support in any way. I just think they are awesome and do more to support the greater good.
  7. Just a reminder to everyone... This is the same guy who got shipwrecked... in a different SJ24... in Alaska. And was rescued by the Coast Guard on our taxpayer dime. Maybe he should pay his rescue fee to the coasties before we buy him a new set of rigging. Now don't get me wrong, I know everyone here is buying in to the adventuresome spirit, and I give the guy credit for trying. However, I do not give the guy credit for being smart. There is a line when you should stop enabling someone to go off half cocked across an ocean. And this whole thread is rapidly approaching tha
  8. is counting down until Cascade Cup and the title defense.

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