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  1. Back in 1971 on my first trip to California I ran into 2 brothers just back from Nam that were cruising in their van and surfing trying to readjust. They'd just come back up from Mexico with a bag full of peyote buttons and mescaline. They said so far the 2 best places they'd encountered back east were Eleuthera and Barbados. I'm hoping to finally hit Barbados this year.
  2. Like clockwork. Feeling a little saddlesore there, cowboy? Why is it when someone from outa state agrees with your secessionist Lone Star twaddle you get all butt hurt?
  3. No family sailing history at all, but I became a surf grom the minute the first kid on our block was old enough to drive us to the shore. Second summer in the Navy, I'm home on leave at the Jersey shore and I run into a high school surf buddy who'd gone to the Naval Academy. Try as I might I couldn't talk him into going surfing, which baffled me. He just said he's on the Academy sailing team and he's into sailing now. That kinda stuck with me through that year and next summer I took beginning sailing lessons provided by the Navy Rec. Dept. It was fun, but nothing compared to surfing,
  4. Willin'


    THAT WAS AWESOME! Everybody just hangin' and havin' fun... and making millions doing it. I never knew it was Keltner back there.
  5. Hell, if Mexico would just say Por favor! I'd gladly make our common international border be the northern Texas state line. I'd even reply Gracias!
  6. RJs was the place that I can honestly say I got completely covered up, watched the curtain pass me by, heard the echoey roar, watched the sand get sucked up the face and somehow outran the lip and kicked out with dry hair. One fucking time in a lifetime of waves. In case you didn't guess, I was never more than a marginal surfer at best. I play that memory back in slo mo all the time.
  7. Is that who started the whole Ridgeline kerfuffle? I knew it started in the early pleistocene of SA but I missed it. Just assumed it was descended from Gator or Wofsie.
  8. Yup! Before the Telly we had a 3 row Hyundai Vera Cruz in which we never opened the back seat up in 13 years. We tried to get it without the unnecessary and unwanted third seat weight but that wasn't an option. It sure looked good in the photos when I sold it though.
  9. Easy there, laddy. I didn't catch that 3 rows was an absolute necessity. In fact, from my experience almost no one actually uses the third row because access sucks, but if that infuriates you, flame on! And that 5K tow capacity is just a mere guideline. That said, the Honda and Kia both have roughly comparable HP/ torque/ recommended towing capacity. So, in the friendliest possible way, fuck off!
  10. Buy the latest Ridgeline RTL-E (it actually comes with an onboard GPS, not your phone) and put a Softopper on it. Roughly the same price as the mid level KIA Telluride (low to mid $40s) but you can haul full sheets of plywood in it. Tows 5000 lbs and flip off all the anti Ridgeline assholes, they're just too cheap or ill informed to matter. ETA, my wife has a 21 Telluride and I'm still hanging on to my 2013 Ridgeline. We mostly drive the Honda on long trips because it rides more car like than the Telly.
  11. What's the word for a person that just has conversations with himself?
  12. Apparently fear of higher corporate tax rates doesn't necessarily drive business offshore nor spur inflation as the previous turd would have had us believe.
  13. I'm thinking this will be the template for the summer. As the numbers of willing people becoming vaccinated increases, virtually all emergent cases will be due to resistors. As has been said, resistance is futile. Gawd, I may be developing a man crush on Darwin.
  14. I'm thinking Rudy's laptop will be stored in the evidence locker, dark forces (and by dark forces I mean TRUE PATRIOTS) will swap Hunter's laptop for Rudy's, the evidence will incriminate Hunter, exonerate Rudy, Trump and the Kraken, and Trump will be re-instated to be 47th on July 4, 2021. Mike the Pillow Guy will also become the new ambassador to Antarctica. Trust me on this.
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