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  1. Um, I'm pretty sure the purpose of this committee isn't legislation. Seems like a setup for a claim of inadequate representation down the line to me.
  2. OMFG! SorryAntivaxxer meets The Onion! A ray of light!
  3. Nice that they put a heli pad above the cockpit!
  4. Hey, I was First Lt. on the attack boat (SSN 685) I was on, even though I was only a 3rd class PO. I'd been having a battle of wits with the XO and when I got over on him he punished me by making me First Lieutenant. Part of it was due to the fact that I was on the seamen gang on my first boat and was the only crew in our pre-commissioning unit that had any experience with hull preservation and maintenance, line handling and other boatswainy stuff. None of the young Ensigns or JGs had a clue about any of that stuff. Much to his chagrin, I made lemonaide, assigning myself a primo berth in
  5. Hoo boy! That was one of 2 things we tried to avoid when we went home to visit the folks after they retired and relocated to the old hometown. Dad would get us into the car on some pretext (let's go get an ice cream!) and before you knew it we were cruising bad neighborhoods gone to seed. Seems his Dad was a bit of a scoundrel and would save enough money to move the fam into a rental, then flee the scene many months later just ahead of the cops. Probably 12 or 15 times as he was growing up. Oddly, he'd get all nostalgic telling us the stories. Tough childhood
  6. Your chart sure seems to indicate the majority of people are unhappy with Republican obstructionism. Granted, if Joe took off the gloves and shitcanned the filibuster he could get the infrastructure bill passed and probably reverse that polling in short order. I'm just not clear on why so many people are clinging to archaic BS like the filibuster and the Electoral College.
  7. Heh, heh! That would be a "Oooops!"
  8. I may be wrong, but on initial surmisal, I think Gator may have been going purple on ya.
  9. Let me guess... timing the different signal arrival times between towed array and other conformal or spherical hull mounted xducers? I got out in 1975 when the BQS-13 was still the latest/ greatest thang. My memory of that system's AADD was pretty much like Space Invaders or Galaxian console games were circa 1981. If console gaming tech and display is any indication of what may have advanced in the wide world of sonar detection, classification and tracking, you guys don't even need to put on headphones any more. Am I right?
  10. We are pretty good at that passive stuff though. Identifying contacts is pretty straightforward, ranging them passively is another thing altogether.
  11. Woof! A collision serious enough to injure 11 sailors doesn't compromise hull integrity! Scawy! That kind of thing can leave some serious emotional scars! A friend of mine was chief of the watch aboard USS Sturgeon when she ran into St. Croix going pretty slow and it crushed their sonar dome and sphere. He got in trouble for hitting the EMBT blow button before being commanded to by the OOD or Dive officer, but later the NJP was dropped because the CO determined the quick action was appropriate. He retired shortly after that.
  12. Don't forget the boom box bed! A definite plus for us geriatric rockers!
  13. Around 1982 or so I rode my bicycle home on the sidewalk through that tunnel. It was easily 3' wide and still one of the scarier things I've ever done on a bicycle. I only did it once.
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