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  1. Why the down votes Jared ....?

  2. Hi mate can u send me some photo of your transom with the runner set up. Also deck layout, and interior lay out . Thanks
  3. The old bloke I purchased her off spent his time cutting out dry rot, and re glassing. He replaced most of running rigging, ripped out seized Diesel engine and put outboard bracket on. So really all I need to do is tlc and get her racing again. I plan to get standing rigging done first then start everything else.
  4. Hi mate have you got any photos from when you use to race on it, currently backstay set up is shit. Got the rig coming out soon for a refurb, and would like to go back to original all to masheat runners. Anyway this history is amazing does anyone know is she did a Hobart? The old bloke I bought it of reckons it did. cheers
  5. Raced in Cronulla’s twilight tonight boat needs a lot of tlc but was still a lot of fun.what other info do u know about the boat
  6. Yes it is clearing our crap on it today, the bosuns chair has hot bubble too written on it, can anyone confirm that it is a farr and who the builder was ?
  7. Hi all, recently purchased a farr 1/2 Tonner, currently called icedoctor, might have been called tyco. Located currently on the port hacking. Looking to find some info out about the boat, like who built her, what was her racing history, previous owner mentioned she’s done a Hobart. I bought the boat quite well and intend on giving her tidy up, and race her in twilights and the occasional short ocean race. Any information on Farr half Tonner would be of help. Cheers
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