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  1. No its solid, it was already there, just stained from prior installation. I was pressed for time before launch, will replace the base this winter.
  2. Too early to count numbers. Still 3 months away.
  3. If you just want routing, try sailgrib wr on android. It also has a number of other navigational features including logging, ais display with navionics charts. I have compared sailgrib routing side by side with Expedition on both Annapolis to Newport and Newport to Bermuda, with very close routing solutions. I have Sailgrib running on a waterproof galaxy tab active 2. Of course Expedition has a lot of capabilities but Sailgrib keeps getting more features added, has gotten a lot added to it in the 3-4 years or so I've owned it.
  4. Here's the installed crapper finally, Groco. Very smooth and quiet, plus a bigger throne. My only complaint is the bolt-down locations are partially obstructed by the head itself hampering the installation a bit. They could have moved the base wider and made bolting down much easier.
  5. That depends on what type of boat you want- you want a rule-beater, or do you want a boat that is a good boat regardless of some rule? There's a whole lot more sailboats out there that don't actively race than those that do. There's lots of things that could influence results, and often folks in err immediately look at the rule. Anecdotal data doesn't help as there's not much fundamentally different between a Swan 42 and a Bene 40.7. Also bad design is not given a credit in the VPPs as I understand, ie if the keel is too far forward, then you don't get a credit for having to have
  6. There are very few folks who will employ the technical people to game the vpp, although it does happen. For those handful of folks, they do the vpp a service by exposing weaknesses. Most of those have already been exploited and closed through the years, and it has become much much harder to fool the vpp than in years past. Especially since computing power grows exponentially, and simulation can now be done on a desktop vs. some massive computer system.
  7. Very informative, discusses many point raised here on the orr vpp.
  8. Any handicap system is flawed, mainly due to scoring issues and the dynamics of the conditions, not the vpp itself. The vpp's are remarkably accurate at predicting static performance for well maintained, prepared, and sailed boats. I would guess the majority of folks who've had the unfortunate experience of racing in phrf have seen the boat every season in their fleet that is rated completely out of whack for whatever reason. At least vpp based rules eliminate that bullshit. An interesting development in scoring using the vpp for distance point to point racing that has been done
  9. The VPPs originally were derived from parametric hull tank tests. These bounded the range of hull dimensions, tested multiple hulls and isolated the forces and moments. Through the years these were confirmed with numerical simulations and enhanced and expanded as computing power grew to greatly enhance and enlarge the accuracy of the vpp application. Do you know what you are talking about? I just retired from the David Taylor Model Basin this past December after a full career as a naval architect. Many hulls were tested there. I suggest you quit while you're behind. ORC doesn't
  10. This is wrong. The offsets are very closely approximated using a hull manipulation tool that Jim Teeters at ORA has developed. The primary dimensions are matched (L, LWL, B, depth, draft, displ.). Hull shape is very close to actual. Both ORR and ORC VPPs make predictions based on parametrics of the hull, not a hydrodynamic simulation. So of you get the overall dimensions very close, and the shape is very close by trained eye using the lines, you are within a couple percent or less. Trimming your sails poorly will have a bigger error. Maybe check your facts before you spout no
  11. Interested in feedback on getting a paint job vs. a wrap.
  12. I don't think there was anything in the rule favoring prop being fwd if my aging memory isn't failing, but I could be remembering incorrectly. The trend was to have the prop tucked right behind the keel to reduce drag.
  13. www.regattaman.com
  14. Once one has procreated and guided offspring to a degree of self sufficiency, there is no logic in existence anyway. May as well get a boat to go along with the theme.
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