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  1. I removed the old name and port from my awlgripped transom very carefully with a heat gun. Then buffed the sh*t out of it until the surface was a consistent color.
  2. Not only rudder failing, but the potential for having a sizable hole below the waterline might give some pause.
  3. Got a shipmate stove on my old boat, but no idea how to use it. Can't seem to locate any manual online. Anyone have a manual they could share? Or know how to use this thing? I've never used any type of fuel based heater, and don't wanna end up burning down the boat.
  4. I used to work in DoD, engineer for the navy. I've seen some stuff... corruption? Hahaha....
  5. Hey if it is good stuff, it's worth paying a premium. I bought Henri Lloyd ocean gear in 1995 before doing Transatlantic. I replaced it last year. Far and away the best foulies I ever had- cool, dry, breathable, fit right, and tough. Having good gear 1500 miles from land when it's pitch black, 48 degrees in driving rain, 30 knots and 20 ft seas- makes all the difference. If it's of that quality, then it's worth it. If not... shame.
  6. Not intending to be confrontational.. But it did work that way because that's exactly what happened. AYC leased the balls ahead of time so that was that.
  7. If you have a bimini, I'd take that down. As far as a furling genoa, to each his own. I used to take mine down before forecasts over 35, but have more confidence that it is fine after not making it to the boat in time when a Tstorm over 50 came through and all was ok. Still I think in the 50 to 60 range I'd wrap my spare halyard around the sail in such a way that the wraps are in the opposite direction of the furl. Over 60, take it down.
  8. Bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush, especially to a small city govt. If AYC is willing to pay up front to reserve those moorings, and the city is willing to accept that payment, that's how it works.
  9. Ok think I got it sorted. Even though I added refrigerant, it wasn't enough. Added little at a time and got it so the frost starts right at the holdover plate. Thin layer of frost is on the whole plate surface now, box is nice and chilly. Thanks all for input.
  10. Ok will try monkeying with it some more thx
  11. it is possible there's too much, it's the first time I've re-loaded it with refrigerant. and there is frost forming on the tube coming from the compressor, so could be I overdid it. Thought there might be some more experienced folks on here that have serviced a holdover plate system more than I have, so was querying the SA "experts."
  12. ok will try to vent some out. I gave it a very small shot- at least I thought I did, but will try tweaking it again. thanks.
  13. My refrig system is a holdover plate system. I recharged the refrigerant and the line going into the plate is plenty cold but the plate is not getting very cold. Any troubleshooting ideas?
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