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  1. Overboard, thank you for the info. I don't have a winch on my mainsheet, just some 57mm Harken T2's and cam cleats. 7/16 is the max line size for those blocks, but based on what you're saying 3/8 might be the most efficient size for DPX. I was trying to go for the largest diameter sheet possible for maximum grip and comfort.
  2. Not trying to hijack this thread, but since DPX has come up several times... Anyone know of a source for Control DPX other than Fisheries? I'm looking for 7/16 and they only sell that size by the spool. WM and Vela don't carry that size at all. Thank you in advance!
  3. Panbo did a thorough write-up with many more details. IStream, I hear you on the 2.4GHZ. As for pricing, it is high, but for someone that does not yet own any components it might make sense. I think they're pretty close to the mark if you were to buy each component individually. I find myself in that situation now. My boat has zero electronics at the moment and I've been trying to figure out where to start this journey. Basic VHF with AIS display ($400) + Vesper XB800 ($750) OR Digital Yacht SOTDMA transponder ($1000) + splitter ($250) + basic heading onl
  4. Just announced. Personally, I'm pretty excited about it's potential and small form factor. No idea how much it costs. Would need to chain that handset down so it doesn't walk off or go for a swim... Wonder how accurate that heading output will be. https://www2.vespermarine.com/cortex
  5. Thanks guys. She is indeed a Presto. Good call on the livestock, the fence is part of a multilayered defense strategy designed to keep our toddler out of the drink.
  6. Yeah, I really enjoyed this one. Again, not sailing (in fact, not underway at all), no girls in bikinis, and not in a hot place. But still enjoyable.
  7. I've got a 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road. It's not as comfortable nor as refined as the Ford or Chevy, but it's hasn't missed a beat reliability-wise. I think it comes down to what you want more. A new, but basically 20 year-old truck that is reliable (Tacoma), or a more modern design with better amenities. If you decide you want the latter then get a 2019 RAM, it's the most plush and best driving truck (I've driven them all) and it doesn't really feel that much bigger behind the wheel than a midsize. To me, the ZR2 and Ranger are not appealing, they don't offer the reliability of a Tacoma, no
  8. Wow, I love that. Long and lean. The hull looks like Tripp, but the cabin top doesn't. Almost looks like something Van de Stadt could have designed in the 60's. Transom's going the wrong way, and she appears to be a little less full all around, but she reminds me of a Southern Ocean Gallant.
  9. Stumbling, The website is working for me. Perhaps you could try going directly to another page rather than the homepage? http://www.rodgermartindesign.com/portfolio/presto-30/
  10. Stumbling, I saw that too. I totally agree that it was the right call to go back to the original rig. I will be interested to see if they go with the same construction methods employed by the original builder, or if they go for a more simple and value focused approach. And then obviously the big question will be price. I really hope they can get some traction. This boat deserves to be successful.
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys. There may be some new Presto's being built soon, or at least there may once again be the option to have one built. I don't know much beyond this link, but it might be worth looking into if you're interested. You could also reach out to Rodger Martin about it, I've found him to be very helpful and responsive. This is sad news but relevant, the owner of one of the Presto's recently passed away so there is a possibility that boat will be appear on the used market in the near future. I think it may have been the last Presto built by Ryder/Union River. Th
  12. She is interesting indeed! She's a Presto 30. The Rodger Martin version with the fat head cat-ketch rig.
  13. Totally understand. Would be interested to hear your thoughts when the time comes. I've got all the risk factors for a bad experience when / if lightning hits the boat: carbon spars, freestanding masts, cored hull below the waterline, encapsulated ballast, zero through-hulls, zero metal under the WL, and the boat is often kept in freshwater.
  14. Wess so sorry to hear about the boat, but glad y'all weren't aboard. I've been on the fence about going whole-hog on lighting protection for my boat but this story may have just made that decision for me. Thank you for sharing.
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