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  1. 12345, Just use IrishDriver's info. Hip
  2. Some years they will operate the trolley as well.
  3. Can we go via Toronto? I have some funny biziness up there. So long as the car is there on Tuesday.
  4. Looking for someone to drive a rental car from Chicago to Mac City. Need to have the car there on Tuesday or earlier. All travel (excluding hotel) expenses paid.
  5. I'll see you bitches next weekend.
  6. Thanks dude! A much bigger Iceboat video project is in the works and should garner about 6 million views on a national news network. If the producers ever call me back!!
  7. Wally, this a heavily disputed penning. No one is really sure who said it first. There is an unpenned poem that contains these lines written crica 1900, before the 1928 attribution to John G. Shedd, although it was more likely that one of Shedd's daughters actually said it or put it into "Salt in my Attic", since JDS died in 1926. I enjoy reading these in their full context. Here is the poem. Ships Are Safe in the Harbour (poem, author unknown) All I live for is now All I stand for is where and how All I wish for are magic moments As I sail through change My resolve remains
  8. Been a while since I posted something. I have been travelling like crazy. Jill and I wrapped up our first year of living in Whitebread America. With that came J24 drinking, E-Scow racing, A-Scow speeding, bunch of fishing, cycling, snow shoeing, skiing and now Iceboating. Our lakes are starting to freeze up here in Minnesota. A3 should pull a few peeps together and come up here for a weekend of Iceboating. It's good fun. This video I put together for Minnesota Fun 101 as well as for helping to get people like yourselves into Iceboat racing. If you haven't done it before you should try it
  9. I will be there from the 17th to the 21st.
  10. Jeff, I am very happy for you that you want to step up and advance your sailing knowledge/experience! As such, I'll give you some advice, from my own personal background/experience. There are two kinds of sailors: Mechanical and technical. Obviously with your post you want to become a technical sailor. 90% of sailors are mechanical...they know how sails go up and down, they know basic sail trim, they know abit about heel, and mostly they are re-active instead of pro-active (take the tell-tales off of the jibs, and that will REALLY separate Mech/vs Tech!). But if you ask them "How do
  11. Didn't know it was possible to stall every telltale on a mainsail. I'll have to try that.
  12. see you bitches tomorrow!
  13. Was that the first ever apology in the Area 3 SA forum? WFO - I owe you a drink next week.
  14. ID is the best sailor he knows.
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