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  1. You really are clueless. Stating service is not glorifying it. I've given you something to read. Read it or not. Matters not to me. Out.
  2. Read Blind Mans Bluff and get an idea what Cold War ops were like. There isn't much more to say to a guy who believes that making coffee behind the lines was as dangerous as submarining. Or you can ask your Captain Roger's which of course you don't have the courage to do.
  3. WTF do you think SSN's do? FWIW I was on a SSBN so we were the stalkee not the stalkers. Good grief, you are a fool FWIW, Uncivil would be me saying you are a fucking fool.
  4. OK, That is totally the equivalent of stalking Soviet submarines and harbors. What did YOU do, make coffee and clean up?
  5. I know what you wrote but I don't know what you did in the military because you don't answer that question.
  6. You never disappoint. Always predictible. Cowardly pussy. Now that I know where he is, I am looking him up and will be sending him your posts. What do you suppose his reaction will be? The VFP are gonna love you.
  7. I've given your comment some thought. I have never seen a report suggesting that carelessness was a factor in either loss. You want to piss on some graves? Have at it. I will say that I would like you to contact Captain Tom Rogers and explain to him that he was not a frontline warrior and that his service was less risky than yours because you occasionally got shot at. Someone in your group knows how to reach him Do that.
  8. No SSBN's in Olangapo. We didn't hit liberty ports. We flew over to Rota, Spain relieved the other crew, did a three week or so upkeep then underwater for 60/70 days mostly on alert, return to Rota, fly home and three months later rinse/repeat. Submarine sailors are REMF's? Tell that to the families of the crews of Thresher and Scorpion. I love humor. My favorite is "and fuck off too, Asshole." That always gets a laugh.
  9. I totally get that. I think they got the REMF name from those who embellished their service and posed as front line warriors. You know, the guys who never go outside the wire and then later on blather about the hell of being in theatre. In any event, it is sport in the military, whatever branch, to give each other shit. If someone outside the military attempts to join in then everyone closes ranks and stands together.
  10. Uh, Oh, another in the REMF community is not happy. I have already posted about my navy experience. If you are interested and know anyone who is smart maybe get them to help you read those posts. Sorry but there are no stick figures used. I didn't join the Marines because they didn't have submarines although maybe they do in your world? Wait, you spent hours on the internet and didn't find any military service for Sailpower? LOL. See if you can figure out the obvious reason for that although there would be no reason to find me even if you knew my real name. Thank you for pl
  11. AJ, a REMF, makes sense. Captain Rogers would have been on at least 4 boats and at least one of them would have been a SSBN, based on him wearing a patrol pin which were only given to those serving on SSBN's. Division Officer tour. Department Head. XO. CO. In his case he would also have had some kind of major command, afloat or ashore as an O6. They have been observed very carefully over the years throughout all that so it is unusual for one of them to later go rogue.
  12. I watched the video. Usual distortions and answers to questions I don't ask. War is an abomination. Acknowledging that doesn't change the fact that humans have fought and destroyed each other since there have been humans. It's not pretty and is so unneccessary yet it appears to be the human condition. I had no desire to go to VN in 1965. Dad was career submariner and at that time was stationed at Sub Base, Groton. The SSBN program was a great way to get a technical education, fast advancement and possibly a secure future so I joined for a six year enlistment which
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