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  1. I haven't read this entire thread, so you may have already considered this. I have a T-33. The previous owner had an engine/shaft/prop vibration problem. After eliminating everything possible, the yard figured out that the tolerance between the shaft and the exit hole was too close, or off in some way. I'm not sure how they enlarged it and reshaped it, but I've had the boat for five years and there is no vibration at any RPM, in any sea state. So, maybe go below and check your exit hole. He he, "exit hole". I just repainted my bottom and serviced everything below the waterline. Cleaning up the
  2. Floor anchors. PYI has them. (pyiinc.com)
  3. My Capri 25 used J-24 spreader tips. They fit perfectly. RigRite had them. They'll probably have something for your spreader section.
  4. I'm in Spokane. My boat is in Seattle. I've had boats on Coeur d'Alene and Pend Oreille, and have never heard of a surveyor here. One guy who has been around forever is Gary MacDonald, at MacDonald's Hudson Bay Resort on Pend Oreille. He'll probably know the boat.
  5. They need some Gilligan's waterproof glue. It's good on pancakes too!
  6. I clean mine with Murphy Oil Soap, then rub in some lemon oil. If that's the wrong thing to do, it has at least served me well for years.
  7. I walked through their yard a few weeks ago. Looked like any other boatyard, not like a brokerage office with guys painting bottoms in the back lot. I've never used them but they seem legit.
  8. I've sailed down the coast from Seattle several times. Fish boats don't use AIS reliably. I would not count on an AIS alarm. I did that on my first trip, and woke up to a fish boat captain frantically hailing me on VHF. When they're towing nets you need to give them a wide berth. That was years ago. Now when I go down the coast I go way out. There's a lot of deep draft traffic around 125-128-ish. El Boracho is right. Get way out there if you're alone, and make sure your AIS is transmitting. FWIW, I've done watches on a container ship. If you don't have AIS they probably won't see you. Do
  9. I'd look back to the '80s boats. Tartan 37, Ericson 38, etc.
  10. You have to pop the pilot off the tiller. If you want a good tiller pilot, Pelagic is the way to go. The guy who developed it is a serious solo sailor who knows what works. My experience with Raymarine ST2000 tiller pilots was great while I was sailing around the bay. Offshore, they all failed quickly. The gears inside are plastic, and the actuator rod does not have cutoff stops. As it reaches the limits of its travel the drive belt, which is only about 6mm wide, begins jumping teeth on the plastic gears. That boat only weighed about 3k pounds; it was squirrely surfing down swells, a
  11. I have a Capri 25 that I'd like to sell. Rates with Merit 25s, J24s, Kirby 25s, etc. It's a nice boat, but it has been in storage too long. I need to find it a nice home. We have a bigger boat we use more. Let me know if you want details and pics. It's a nice boat, and it's in your price range. Boat is an '82. Trailer is a 2005. Outboard (new in 2014, I think) has about 150 hours on it.
  12. My large Bomar foredeck hatch has two cast tabs for telescoping supports. I only use one. You don't need both.
  13. My oldest kid was a canvas fabricator for a few years. He has two heavy duty commercial machines. The important part is the walking foot. Also the motors. His machines are powerful, and can easily get through a stack of heavy canvas and Strataglass. The benefit of the extra power and the walking foot is control. He can slow the feed down to an individual stitch at a time, or burn through fabric as fast as he can control it. Those features make your project look nice. Even I learned how to use them, and I'm not that crafty. Before that I had purchased a heavy-duty household machine to fix
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