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  1. Did you type this five years ago, and just forget to hit the submit button until now? It's ok, happens to me with emails all the time.
  2. Last time I bought a new PSA boat I definitely checked the rake and weight before handing over any dollars. You'd be silly not to if you get the chance, you don't want to end up with a dud. This wasn't at the factory though, just at the local dealer, but he had chosen the boats he took from the factory. It was after Chris posted the article linked above - there was virtually no variation in rake in the half dozen boats I checked, all were within a couple of mm of the target he mentions. Same with weight, the range was within a kg. That hasn't always been the case though. The last lin
  3. I bought a brand new Far East, kitted out with all the best gear, plus covers etc, for $3500 Australian. My boy sailed it obsessively for two years before he grew out of it, I replaced the sail after a year. Sold it all for $2800. By my reckoning that was $13 per week over the two years - best money I ever spent. You might see the occasional kid with a rib and private coach in tow, travelling to regattas all over the world. It doesn’t mean that’s the norm though. You’ll find parents like that in any sport.
  4. I had kids in the Opti world for a few years and I often pondered that. There was never anything to explain why people would spend thousands more on a Winner hull compared to a Far East hull - the regatta results just didn't back up the view that one was faster than the other. The Winners were generally better finished and mostly had better quality fittings, but overall performance was the same. Winner worked hard on perception though - usually by giving massive discounts to the kids already at the front of the fleet, to make sure the best sailors were using their boats. I'm sure Laser hu
  5. Surely this change will benefit everyone sailing the class (member or not), not just the top level. If ILCA own the trademark for the new class name, and together with WS can approve/reject builders, you can bet they’ll be smart enough to approve multiple builders able to sell into the same region. Why wouldn’t they? It will introduce competition which would have to drive prices down. And it will keep the EU anti -monopoly lawmakers happy This is the exact model the Opti class uses. I can buy a boat from any builder in the world, and because of the tight building controls oversee
  6. Too late, I've already announced the new name - the Gamma Class. Sorry ILCA.
  7. Looks like the search sessions expire after a while. You can do the search yourself here. Better still, visit www.gammaclass.org. You'll never guess what site it redirects to....
  8. Interesting what turns up with some trademark searches. Anyone who actually understands this stuff may like to search further, or explain what I've found. A company called Weather Helm Inc registered the ILCA trademark last year in the US. The Attorneys attached to that registration are the same Attorneys attached to ILCA's registration of the "ILCA Standard" trademark around the same time, and their application to register "4.7" a couple of years ago (Velum have a very similar application). So not a stretch to think that ILCA and Weather Helm Inc are closely related. Weather H
  9. Gantt, you've done more than anyone else to shut down this topic - you've drowned it under mountains of misguided, irrelevant, made up tripe, so there is pretty much nobody left willing to actually engage in a real discussion. As soon as anyone tries to engage you race in and bury them under the weight of your crap. The only people left are those who enjoy a laugh at your expense. And Gouv.
  10. Of course the judge has a copy. But what about Gannt, who appears to know what is in the affidavits? What's his connection? I think Gantt just makes stuff up.
  11. About ten years ago, Laser sails in Australia were $1100, plus numbers. Word spread that you could buy a sail from the US for $530 (with numbers attached) plus shipping. Exchange rate was about the same as now. I don't think PSA sold many sails that year. They eventually dropped the price and since then seem to have kept it around 10% more than what an import would cost. I guess they've worked out that a 10% premium is what the market will accept to buy locally.
  12. Email below received from PSA this morning...
  13. Not sure, I haven't heard. I hope it's coming at the same time, but no word yet. sound like repeating B14 history,a Byte comes in 2 versions surely not a carbon top with a dacron sail? Actually composite rather than carbon. Not intended as a performance improvement but a way of avoiding the existing problems with masts bending and breaking. Bend characteristics, weight etc are identical to the aluminium, just better longevity. We hope.
  14. Not sure, I haven't heard. I hope it's coming at the same time, but no word yet.
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