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  1. I recently replaced (4) 6v FLD 200ah batteries weighting about 200lbs (wired as two 12v batteries = 400ah @ 50% usable = 200ah) with one DIY 12v 200ah LifeP04 battery at 30lbs and one 12v AGM wired in parallel. It is charged per video below:
  2. This multi function display comes in smaller sizes, and has a AIS transceiver: (ebay) https://onwamarine.com/category/products/5-in-1-gps-chart-plotter/ I separate battery charging circuit from the user circuits using https://www.sterling-power-usa.com/ https://www.victronenergy.com/ is also good for battery management, and pricey. and: https://marinehowto.com/
  3. Latest episode of SSL believe trimaran sunk due to forgotten seacock when the original inboard engine removed on the hard, and replaced with a tilting outboard engine in each wing.
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