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  1. Yeah it’d have to be a very straight passage race with not too many lumps. But Paul is mighty capable and that sailboat is mighty fast!!!
  2. No. Paul Larson 68 knots.
  3. So you’re current boat should be named Boomless.
  4. Maybe because it would give it wobbly bows like the Pulse.
  5. Both days were live on Foxtel in AUS. Great coverage.
  6. Thanks Wetply. Can you drop one of those over to my place tomorrow? I’ll leave the $20 large in the letterbox. I won’t tell anyone.
  7. I think you are missing a lot. The original planning for the Rocket44 had an aspirational cost of $20kUSD. No boat has ever been produced for the market and sold at that price. The incomplete prototype has been scrapped and the 44 design project abandoned. You can be sure that the project so far has consumed considerable development costs which will need to be recouped from the new 48 project. These cost are being incurred in a high labour cost country. The 48 project is no doubt incurring it’s own development costs. The cost difference to the Wettas has to be wide as the Rocket is a much m
  8. Tom has nailed it. It’s about ease of rigging launching and trailer in this segment of the market. The Wettas has proven cost isn’t such a factor and it’s yet to be seen whether ramping up performance will pull buyers to a significantly higher cost boat. I would add a worldwide distribution and support network is also crucial. You can find the Wettas in boat parks in many parts of the world whereas Astus even though apparently a good boat is rarely seen.
  9. Agree. The two big questions are - will people pay a significantly higher price for the extra performance and can the builders quickly replicate the worldwide sales and support network to compete with the Wettas. And another thought - the racing market is diminishing around the world and the Rocket is moving the Wettas concept more towards racing. Is that a smart marketing move or doomed to failure like so many other good designs in the past. I hope both designs succeed.
  10. The Wettas hit a sweet spot of market niche rather than price point. It has always been comparatively expensive when compared to other dinghys and even the ubiquitous Hobie 16. The sweet spot was for old blokes who have finally got past the other expenses of life and wanted to revisit or enhance their nostalgia for sailing. They are a two speed marketing proposition. Good social sailing boat that has attracted a crowd and compromised racing boat that succeeds not by being a technically sophisticated racer but by now having ease of use and weight of numbers. That niche is now largely filled
  11. Old news. I understand there are also plans to get the rocker right as well. Still a very difficult market to crack at a price point to sell at a commercially viable volume.
  12. Major issue is they’ve lost their experienced flight controller temporarily. They’re not easily replaced.
  13. Don’t be so negative Wormwoodbuoy. You’re a full on bore. Carrying freight on a dodgy experimental platform using an electric motor fed by partially developed power sources in an emerging country is surely a wise and soundly based project. Little quibbles about minor issues such as rigging and steering are inconsequential to the bigger picture of promoting ones crazy pet project of lunatic sailboats. Shame on you.
  14. As SimonN said the ASG3 was a dog. Even GA got smoked sailing one in an AUS nationals. Balance was all wrong with the beam/board position compromised. A further problem was sails had to be made with a shorter foot to get the sheeting angle right with the reduced distance between beam and track. So second hand sails from other boats and new standard designs won’t be so good. Buy very cheap or move on to a more mainstream design. Good advice to talk to Struan and Gordon.
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