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  1. 5 boats local, that's awesome. We had (3) 24II's here for awhile that I crewed on and had some good fun. With a local OD fleet, why the switch to the taller mast? ***R.T.***
  2. Wow, me thinks that somebody spends way too much time in front of a mirror admiring their own image. You just can't make this shit up. ***R.T.***
  3. Ummm, Which "Factory" was that? The 10 original F-33 (MK-I's) were constructed by either S&N Composites/Precourt Systems and/or Keals Marine, neither of which can be considered a "factory" ***R.T.***
  4. It is painfully obvious that Doug Lord suffers from severe Narcisistic Personality Disorder (NPD). People with NPD commonly live in a world of delusion. Any attempt to try and reason with them is futile, as NPD is a mental illness. http://samvak.tripod.com/narcissistpsychotic.html -One of the most important symptoms of pathological narcissism (the Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is grandiosity. Grandiose fantasies (megalomaniac delusions of grandeur) permeate every aspect of the narcissist's personality. They are the reason that the narcissist feels entitled to special treatment w
  5. According to their Facebook page, it appears that the past Corsair 24 Class Officers are now getting involved..... If true, then you can kiss any chance of a One-Design class goodbye!!! ***R.T.***
  6. What's the opinion on what the rating should be? If it "walked over the F-31R" with 5 aboard, as described above, then rating should be the same as, or faster??? ***R. Thompson***
  7. I joined a local Corsair owner to listen to the webinar. Unfortunately, I was interrupted by a phone call and missed the part about the trailer, outboard and class association. One of the take-aways was the $43k all up price. Apparently this will include: boat, sails, trailer, motor, fenders, dock lines, etc., and assuming 4 boats are shipped together. It would be interesting to find out the cost of 2 boats shipped together, as i suspect this will be more the norm. So, depending on the specific state sales tax rate, it looks like the real world, as delivered cost will be $46k-$48k . A
  8. Was wondering what the status of the Pulse was, due to the noticeable "radio silence". i was beginning to think that perhaps it flat-lined. ***R.T.***
  9. Fuck you can be a cunt. I think I recall people saying "no one cares about the quality of vid, just go sailing and show us something". He did, and you criticise the quality of video? Slam the boat for all I care, but stop polluting is forum with nothing but negative crap. I find you so much worse than the lord himself.^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^^ ...................x 1000!!!! ***R.T.***
  10. Sheeting angle appears to be dictated by the width of the ring frame thingy. Looks very narrow to my eye. ***R.T.***
  11. I believe that the foils are being shortened based on Mr. Lord's observations of how the boat foiled perfectly, and exactly as designed from the beginning. ;-) ***R.T.***
  12. Ian, I respect your boats and your work......... Please don't go there. You may or may not agree with or like Corsair but please show a bit of maturaty and professionalism. I prefer Holden over Ford but have grown out of the bull$1t of bagging them. Tornado, Ian's comments were in no way derogatory towards Corsair. They were a directed response to Goldfinger's sarcastic reply to Ian's comment, suggesting that Ian's boats are not fast. *****Edit, I see that my response is a bit late.***** ***R.T.***
  13. You are looking at the transom..... How close is it at it's max beam? This appears to be the original system with the more vertical beams that did not work - do you have any sections of the current two strut system? Don't you have any photos or a video of it actually folding? This is just a pre production sketch however illustrates my point well. When folded and the hulls are tucked in close at the main hulls max beam, they are not close at the transom. Sorry, I cannot provide pics or video as I am yet to see one in the flesh. I am not associated with Corsair, just a potential future custo
  14. Ahhhh Thor, there you go again........... It's Multihulls Direct, not Multihull Marine!!! And, regarding your "outsourcing" comment, this is directly from the Farrier Marine site: Farrier Marine and Multihulls Direct are now combining to build the F-22, F-33 and F-45 models as a joint venture. Good to see you haven't changed you old ways. ***R.T.***
  15. Why does the boat look to be only partially folded??? Do the floats not fold fully against the main hull??? ***R.T.***
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