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  1. Well, Liz Cheney is propping the window open, for now, bless her heart. May History smile upon her elk, if any.
  2. Hillary is impressive, in how she presents this. I fear the consequences of disinformation, in general. Without dis-allowing the first amendment, I feel that some form of accountability is imperative. Yeah, at one point, I reacted to years of disinformation on PA. This disinformation had presented MLK, constantly and frequently, as living in a house full of guns. WTF?@Excoded Tom)
  3. You mention Beto's cheering crowd a lot. Why should that display bother you? Is it hard to accept?
  4. Too much self-inflicted, long-term, confusion here. The militias could rock and roll, all day, outdoors, once they were signed up, trained, and activated...under muster. They were well regulated at that time.
  5. Supreme Court Accepts Case That Could Overturn State Gun Laws Here we go, as long desired, by many. The SC will go through the motions of sorting out the matter of outdoor guns. Personally, I only hope they are confronted by the factual, peer-reviewed version of history. Just to set the background to the SC activity, the much-celebrated Heller decision of 2008 recognized individual gun rights, as a new precedent, but confined any self-defense benefits to the home, per traditional castle doctrine. However, Heller presented a version of English history where weapons were s
  6. ^^^ fluffy boy is out of touch, both with the facts, and with LE, on this one fluffy boy is looking for the groove, with boothy sounds kinda sketchy to me, with nice fresh racebaiting in the morning
  7. endmill tools, in a millwaukee router? freehand? what?
  8. You wish. It's entertaining to follow your thoughts. You are primitive, basically. You are a predictably ugly American, from my POV. Violence and force are your platforms. You hang out here, where you are exposed to a wealth of intelligence, but you display a shallow, if not flat, learning curve. Carry on, mate...but we shall overcome.
  9. Reagan called the Contras “moral equals of our Founding Fathers.” Reagan financially funded and supported the group who would later become the Taliban, yes the group that brought down the Twin Towers and gave us 9/11. he did this because he wanted to destroy Communism. Reagan murdered the American dream. His supply side economic theory and trickle down economic scam enriched the wealth class and left average workers with crumbs. There's more of course, but you get the drift. I see that some are drifting, in lu
  10. I did not know that, I thought he was more or less a b-rated actor. I love this place. My interests had been elsewhere, walking the streets of ghettoes. But I could tell, for sure, that the inner cities were places which unawakened parties, now known as the unwoke, had generated.
  11. These parties should go to the internet, and troll for sellers. No questions need to be asked, legally. No wonder we have problem. The tail has been wagging the dog.
  12. The problem is not contained to gun shows. Private sales and family sales are wider open to gun sellers who "don't want to know" the details, or the background of the buyer. The short answeer is YES. Right now, it is in the seller's best interest to not ask any questions while transfering a gun. Of course, it is legal to not press for the details in a private gun purchase. This has gotta go...like the PLCAA.
  13. Uh, Tom, about your awareness. About this second amendment solution, down at FedEx. About your gun platform. Any comments?
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