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  1. You are at the intelligence level of the National Merit Scholarship, remember? What's with the anecdotes? You are a Florida highbrow, remember? What's with the redneck gangsta smears, all over Political Anarchy? Bro, show your gangsta gun violence stats. And show me the creds of those who compiled them. Did the gangstas do this?
  2. Have it your way. The Many Ways Domestic Violence Foreshadows Mass Shootings A new study released late last month further solidifies the connection between domestic violence and a propensity for future, public acts of violence. Researchers from the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and Johns Hopkins analyzed 110 gun murders of four or more people between 2014 and 2019 and found that in 68 percent of incidents, the perpetrator either killed an intimate partner or a family member, or had a history of domestic violence. (...) Some mass shootings began as attacks on romanti
  3. Where is your cite? You have made this claim since 2014...without backing it up. And you have also denied making the claim.
  4. The man deserves jail time, from several angles. Treason in one angle, and sedition is another. Tax fraud is an angle. Emolument violations provide a legal angle. Muller organized ten versions of obstruction of justice, many angles do I see. E. Jean Carrol pushed the angle of sexual violation. Georgia's AG will push the election interference angle. Schiff will press on about the setup and layout of an insurrection. The Russian money angle is unexposed, as we speak. The man, Donald J. Trump. deserves jail time, from many angles.
  5. Is that you, Bloomie? ^^^ Research by Tom Ray. FACT: between 52% and 57% of mass murders relate to domestic violence. Wrong. Neither of the two horrific major shootings from last week got a thread. Hmmm. You are a civil rights whiz, named Tom Ray, and you give all gun injuries a hall pass? Pretty sketchy, that.
  6. Painful, to hear you state it that way. I don't like hearing this, especially from you. I hope you are proven wrong, some day, sorry... The man deserves jail time, from several angles.
  7. You race your boat... and you take the obstacles in stride. You have a voice, and others need it. Please don't sit back and let a prolonged, stubborn campaign of gun disinformation spread around and win out. Carry on, BL.
  8. You lost badlat, a fine and temperate fellow. You are not worth his time; I can relate. I love the way you never grow.
  9. Twenty different journalists hop out of bed, and each combs over about 65 media sources, depending, to chronicle whatever gun violence incidents. In this way, the GVA monitors gun violence via somewhere between 1200 and 2000 media sources, daily. Their work is quotable, and citable, on any given day. Their reputation for journalistic integrity is rock-solid, AFAIK. Trash them if you can, just cite away. They relate (they pass on, that is) the details of the various media reports on gun violence, then they add up (and present) the details.. They pay no attention to, or favor for or against
  10. How about a few examples? Is "260 mass shootings in 160 days" a stat worth considering? Look, the stats are so bad, they need no manipulation. The stats are so bad the gun lobby didn't want the information gathered, for 25 years. In short, the statistics indicate the new right-to-carry states show significant increases in crime. areas with weak gun laws have more gun-related problems. AW's have become quite a problem since the good old days of the AW ban. Broad handgun issues need to be faced.
  11. Bullshit. More like mid-thirties, in a clear pattern of decline.. The gold standard for the quantification of gun ownership is, of course, the GSS, because they have asked the same question, in the same way, in their annual surveys, since the 70s. And I have told you the score, straight up, on Political Anarchy. You knew better not long ago, Fluffy Jeff.
  12. The explosive force of AR-15 style rifles (msn.com) Watch the evidence. Note the experts. You have said otherwise, on Political ANarchy.
  13. Shocking developments. The front end has gone missing on the DOJ. Barr denies involvement, same for Sessions, same for Rosenstein. Notes: the broad data mining and ninety fishing expeditions happened on Rosenstein's watch. And secondly, Apple is probably not the only provider involved. Merrick Garland needs to step up to the plate...as inspired by Jerry Nadler, heh heh. And in all the land, more than a few Republican Senators need to say "enough." I'm in shock, and very appreciative of the free press, today. Where is a Tom Baker, where is a Sam Ervin, when we need them?
  14. The scale needs to measure guns, and the gun law permissiveness. Our indices of violence are NOT significantly higher than other leading nations. The outcomes of our conflicts are much worse. Higher morbidity needs to be weighed. More fluff, sir. It emanates from your brain, to justify (and normalize) gun violence.
  15. "Root problems" is a euphamism, for "people like Fluffy Jeff eventually piss off the brothers." Just sayin'.
  16. jfc, what a mess, is the violence thing this is where it goes: to epidemic status my brain is numb now and the matter of the outdoor guns will be faced by the sc in october all the best to us
  17. If you want to relate to Tom, within limited dimensions, go for it. Make the boundaries clear. These points of discussion could remain off limits: The felony of housing an AW can be neutralized, *voila*, by the mere mention of boating accidents. 22's are to be confused with AW's. A lot. If you support Bloomberg, you are a racist. If you want gun control, you are a pro-rapist. Gun control does not work. MLK was proof positive for the need for must-issue gun permits. MLK's church has gone to gunz, all across Georgia. Japan's suicides can be (fre
  18. I will, if you will read the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1619 Project. Hmmm, you are back to cooing Chicago now. I thought I schooled you. (And you thought my head would explode. We were both mistaken.) Dude, from what I have seen of you, you ever fail to ponder the mess behind the mess. You are predictable in missing the "heart of the matters" of both race, and gunz. And here, these are combined, and you are so confused you are... extra fluffy. Tell you what, MLK offered a road map for this one, based on respect. And Gary Slutkin has offered the successful model f
  19. FLUFFY BOY RIDES AGAIN Stats, mate. Let's see total homicides divided by verified (or even alleged) gansta shootings. Sir, you would do well to seek the level of justice demanded within rap music (which I cannot stand FWIW).
  20. Tom already did such research for us. He dominated the AW thread with anecdotes for months, in a dedicated fashion. Which is what scapegoating looks like. It becomes the basis for stop-and-frisk type behavior, mate. Get your actual statistics out. Get your sources out. Because ne anarchist posted a sound, sourced, 13% gangsta gun fatality figure to you, last week. Take a look. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/jan/09/philip-van-cleave/are-most-murders-gangbangers-killing-gangbangers-v/ https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6103a2.htm
  21. Your first source, Politicact, indicates that 13% of homicides are gang-related. I presented similar figures to Jeff, and I got silence. Then, Jeffie denied the four direct Jeffie quotes, blaming the vast majority of gun violence on gang activity. @Burning Man Next, this guy just returned to the de-humanization and scapegoating of the ganstas, for five years. I love this place.. where guys like Jeff meet up with the search engine. This is a Jeffie type, having to explain himself:
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