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  1. Differing opinions are great, it reeeeallly doesn't do it for me though, I would say I find it hideous! All the sharp bits sticking out and "stepped" lines really don't work for me! I find the GB68 to be the best looking big cat out there (no flybridge though but the 72 still looks good, especially if you lowered the gooseneck a couple of feet to only have standing headroom at the back). It would still look really clean if chopped of 6ft of bow and a couple feet from the back! The MC-90 looks a lot better... I always like the Alibi and it seems like it was ahead of its time when you loo
  2. One thing i noticed on F-boats is that if the spray doesn't mqke it in front of the fwd beam it tends not to come up through the nets. Guessing it's because the airflow is mostly directed horizontally under the nets. The only spray that hits you is the one that comes off the rapidly increasing flare just in front of the Fwd beam or any heavy one that finds the gap before the net right behind the beam. Going downwind but plowing through waves coming the other way shows the spray pattern (although there isn't much on the windward side): https://m.facebook.com/Teampestou/videos/reaching
  3. In all fairness, other than the questionable rig and sailing abilities, it might be a nice weekend camper... It would struggle to go upwind for sure but it would be ok on a reach or downwind so if you think of it as a motorsailer it might be an overall ok design. Not sure about what the "full keels" mean for trailering though: it's either going to sit really high on the trailer or the keels are outside the wheels?
  4. No worries, as shown on their renderings, they are using new quantum sailcloth technology where the sail is sheeted right through the cabin, with the sail occupying the gaps between the atoms making up the cabin, it's cutting edge stuff:
  5. I might be a bit late to the party but I've recently setup a lazy jack system on my F-24 that's a bit different from what I've seen and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out so I thought I would share in case it's useful to anyone! I wanted it to be simple to setup and put away as I trailer sail the boat and sail solo most of the time these days. I also didn't have a topping lift before (to save one thing to deal with when trailering) so it had to support the boom (especially important while reefing). It's a loose footed square top main with full battens and uses slugs in the mast tr
  6. Airwick


    Sure... But turning on the engine doesn't solve the steering issue so if you are able to motor in why not sail instead and finish the race! Would have been a great opportunity to test the backup system in "real world" conditions. Obviously I'm armchair sailing here and sometimes retiring is the safe/smart thing to do but in that case they are lucky whatever happened didn't happen 500miles earlier if doing 30miles was going to be problematic enough to retire...
  7. Airwick


    That's really puzzling... You'd think after sailing a couple thousand miles you'd at least try to limp the last 30miles rather than retire... It would be a lot more satisfying to make it (even if you fall in the rankings) than a DNF. Especially when you consider that "backup" steering is a requirement to participate in the race! Is their setup so terrible that they couldn't even be bothered to try to use it for the last 30miles, or even just steer by trimming or something? I guess the only "reasonable excuse" for giving up at this stage is if they were taking on dangerous amounts of w
  8. Makes sense since the furlers kept getting damaged when plowing through waves at 40+kts on his last solo RTW... Surprised it hasn't been done before actually as it seems like a no brainer. I wonder if they took the concept all the way and built in an acess from "down below" for maintenance as that would be the main downside of them not being easy to get to from above...
  9. Definitely interesting but I have questions! First of all why not put some bulkheads in there (other than just the central spine)? Surely that would help increase the overall rigidity? My second thought about the weight claims, I could see this being lighter than a solid SCM hull (it's effectively building a sandwich as there is intentionally a lot of void in the thick sections). I do wonder what a "hybrid" construction method could achieve: print the "shell" and add some "proper" reinforcements using carbon uni in strategic places to improve the overall strength.
  10. Not 100% sure on an F9 but I would assume it's like most F-boats and comes out the top after removing the mast step. The top section of the daggerboard is also usually "rectangular" to fit snuggly in the trunk (rather than having the foil shape extending to the top section). The daggerboard should also float so if the rope breaks while sailing it will just move up a bit and stay in the 1/2 way down position.
  11. https://www.charterworld.com/index.html?sub=yacht-charter&charter=sy-no-limit-9659
  12. Everyone knows building 4 hulls is easier than 2! (and 4 rudders rutters as well because why not!
  13. Pretty common thing to do when motor-sailng on a cat... No point running both if you only need a little bit of extra power, the one engine running at higher load will be more efficient (and you put less hours on them overall if you alternate which one you use). I would think the electric motor should be able to deliver closer to it's max power over a broader range of RPM than a gas outboard because of the high torque at low RPM capabilities. Depending where you are you should be able to get considerably more than that. Even a horizontal panel (assuming mounted flat on deck) should
  14. Arguably moving the boom up 6' on a 70' cat isn't going to hurt the performance that much but it still seems like an odd compromise to make. It seems you could easily have a "lounge" on the flybridge without requiring standing headroom under the boom, which would seem more "on-brand". I'm also not sure how wise it is to be sailing at 25kt with a giant blind spot from the helm! It might not be too bad with a small self tacking jib but if you tack a big asym on that sprit it will completely obscure visibility from that flybridge helm location (which seems like the "working" cockpit) from ap
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