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  1. Have you checked defender or Bomar? I'm sure you can find the correct ones. Where you located and what boat do you own?
  2. Hustler is for sale PM me, maybe I can make it worth your time. Fully loaded w trailer
  3. You can sell your boat and buy Hustler and you won't have to replace the ports Plus you won't lose another race
  4. I could have restored that in less than 5 minutes with 5 gallons of gas and a match
  5. I've got some good ones but the Libtards on this site would frown upon them
  6. You have to have some good ones from Butch, I do
  7. And you all want to know why the sport is DEAD!? Fucking BS protests like this.
  8. One douche down many to go! LOL Scot good luck to you. Great job for 22 years creating a monster.
  9. All the time. Although that year at Block you tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory several times
  10. I'm not sure, but the boat bought in CT wasn't even competitive with the slower 29s. I like the light blue detailing idea
  11. The best is I will take 20K for her delivered. Some guy came looked at it and went and bought a slower 29 from CT with no trailer and paid 16K
  12. Highly debatable when some guy named Ira drove her
  13. I have had a few HACKS look at her, I think people are afraid of buying her and having to uphold her winning ways, then they will find out how much they really suck!
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