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  1. Do we have a Darwin Award winner for 2022 yet?
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    You should have drank a half bottle before the race, it wouldn't' have mattered
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    That looks like fun, almost like the last root canal I had In the 2nd picture above, why is dopey standing up in the slot?
  4. jesposito


    I heard there was a frivolous protest in ORC 1 What a bunch of cunts
  5. Yeah, maybe it would have been a different outcome if CNN printed it.
  6. Maybe the owner should try golf
  7. Loved the guy! He was the best, his passion was yachtscoring and our sport. I really hate seeing this go to a corporation. An individual with the same outlook on the sport and passion would have been perfect
  8. Has anyone from Huntington actually learned how to sail yet?
  9. You would have purchased it for the right reasons.
  10. Have had Covid twice, it nothing more than a mild flu for me, because of my genetics and diet. I don't succumb to the media hype like the lefties do
  11. Like I said no one forces to me to do anything. If I get a heart attack it won't be from the shot
  12. Maybe not, but I do know that a year and a half ago I was paying $2.60 for gas and I could buy a car for under sticker and not 10K over. The world works fine until DemoRATS run it
  13. No I just don't believe in the shot or something the Gov't tells me I have to take. I was never one to do what I was told. If people are getting heart attacks and blood clots, why do you stupid fucks keep taking them??
  14. You keep believing in the propaganda of the shots
  15. They are not vaccines, they are flu shots. Vaccines are one and done, not something the government wants you to take every 6 months
  16. Maybe I can pull my J29 with my bike and get rid of the Suburban. Now that Brandon has crushed us with the gas prices I can sell it
  17. Im not sure the question you are asking?
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