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  1. I will even add a "Pretty please" to the OP's request.
  2. Looks like hand on sheet and wheel. On numerous vids, I have seen the helm do this during a turn.
  3. And then we remember all the outboards zooming around guzzling away during training. It would not be hard to limit each team to one support boat with a max of 900 hp total engine power and let each team have only one "observation boat" at a location at a time with something like a 400 Hp limit. To keep up with the sailboats, the boats would need to be smaller than the current ones.
  4. Technique and confidence can probably make a big difference. Also, conditions matter (too much chop makes it a lot tougher). I would start early with putting the boat upside down and letting him work at getting it back up. Try to make it a "fun" challenge. As a kid I can remember a "game" where we were doing 360° rolls on a sunfish with the objective of not getting wet. I got pretty good at it.
  5. For newbies, The 9/21/18 post has the assembly video. The thread postings from 9/19/2020 to 9/23/2020 are a good read for “easier tacking”. For battens, the bottom line for starting out is that you want enough tension so that they do not pop "too easy" on a tack and loose enough so that you do not have to fight them to get them popped. The main controls for sail shape are lots of shroud tension applied with no outhaul or cunningham for light wind and less shroud tension / more outhaul as winds get higher. Cunningham goes last and your target is wrinkle reduction (I think).
  6. Various threads are being used for this topic, would it be better to have a thread specific to what is going on in Tokyo.
  7. FYI, For the hard to raise sail, keep an eye on the hounds. I was having the sail bind up at the hounds at times until I re-configure things a little bit.
  8. FYI, The main foil is not cheep. Standard composite repairs look warranted.
  9. The other choice would be for close to 100% of the regulars to put him on ignore, and even if not on ignore, never respond to his postings. He feeds on responses. I have him on ignore, and I feel my life is better for it. However, it is sad that there is no way to tell the software to also hide posts that are responding to him.
  10. The thread with the Sail Rocket foil links was: https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/218056-cavitation-super-cavitation-base-ventilating-foils-and-other-crap-that-doesn’t-need-putting-in-every-topic/&tab=comments#comment-7231447
  11. For me, the two posts above highlight the "downside" of Grant's rules and are much bigger than any upside for the AC as a whole. I am of the opinion that Grant's implementation of nationality rules has been more about his own desires and interests than anything else. Part of it was to "discourage" participation by teams he preferred to not have participate (Artemis) the other part was to prevent "poaching" of any members of his team. I will have to admit that I have thought about Grant getting payback. Just think of a ETNZ loss to a hostile team that then implements loose nationa
  12. Even though I was not there, thanks for putting on a "get together". It greatly adds to the boats appeal.
  13. FYI, if you do paddle & park, you will need a bridle & a way of securing your paddle. Here are some photos that you may find interesting.
  14. At one location, I have launched and paddled over to other areas for raising the sail. I have also done it on the water, but both raising and lowering the sail on the water is a PITA. Is there a shallow area just past the bridge where you can "park" and do the raising and lowering?
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