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  1. The other choice would be for close to 100% of the regulars to put him on ignore, and even if not on ignore, never respond to his postings. He feeds on responses. I have him on ignore, and I feel my life is better for it. However, it is sad that there is no way to tell the software to also hide posts that are responding to him.
  2. The thread with the Sail Rocket foil links was: https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/218056-cavitation-super-cavitation-base-ventilating-foils-and-other-crap-that-doesn’t-need-putting-in-every-topic/&tab=comments#comment-7231447
  3. For me, the two posts above highlight the "downside" of Grant's rules and are much bigger than any upside for the AC as a whole. I am of the opinion that Grant's implementation of nationality rules has been more about his own desires and interests than anything else. Part of it was to "discourage" participation by teams he preferred to not have participate (Artemis) the other part was to prevent "poaching" of any members of his team. I will have to admit that I have thought about Grant getting payback. Just think of a ETNZ loss to a hostile team that then implements loose nationa
  4. Even though I was not there, thanks for putting on a "get together". It greatly adds to the boats appeal.
  5. FYI, if you do paddle & park, you will need a bridle & a way of securing your paddle. Here are some photos that you may find interesting.
  6. At one location, I have launched and paddled over to other areas for raising the sail. I have also done it on the water, but both raising and lowering the sail on the water is a PITA. Is there a shallow area just past the bridge where you can "park" and do the raising and lowering?
  7. The facebook feed is live at: https://www.facebook.com/jason.tinker.7545/videos/10159991839043968
  8. Virtual eye just went live with the clock showing -8:40 minutes
  9. Ok, nobody here seems to have a good countdown to the next race. I did find that the guy streaming the races to facebook has a tool on his facebook page that shows the next start and will convert it to your time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2411813889062536/user/686638967
  10. Thanks Woody. I may use your link but was really hoping for something by the race organizers that would be updated with each delay / reschedule.
  11. I looked all over www.americascup.com and could not find a countdown timer. Can someone provide link,
  12. The screen grab below makes a visual point as to the scope of assistance provided by ETNZ builders. Look at the size of that panel.
  13. Several were having a discussion about the sequence of the capsize in the Prada Cup thread (post 2366 to post 2392 or so). That thread is probably a better place for the ongoing discussion of what next for racing, so I have jumped over here to continue the look back at the event. After figuring out the data graphical available (https://ac36.herokuapp.com/stats_app, thanks again sailer99), I went in and extracted speed data and tabulate alongside key details you can see from the stern cam video. One note for anyone using the graphical data, the AM TWS data line seems to have complet
  14. Sailor99, Max and others discussing the sequence of the capsize, lets move over to the AM thread and leave this one for the discussion of the current issues with the Prada Cup.
  15. S99, Thank you for the additional data. Unless something is screwy with the clock info, the graph of AM TWS seems to have completely missed the gust that we saw hit them when watching videos. This goes along with the the way the AM TWS line looks a lot smoother than would be expected.
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