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  1. Johnno, Welcome to the club. Good to hear about another F85 builder that's not too far away. I have a complete set of CNC cut float frames and B/H templates sitting my garage taking up space along with battens with screws still in place. The battens are numbered and the float frames all marked so the battens go in the right places for the position of the screws, provided one sticks to the same foam panel widths that I used. ( It's amazing how long it can take to get the screws in the battens, hence the labeling of battens and positions, much better than having to do screws again.)
  2. Going to a self tacker on the 85 will cost a lot more sail area than putting one on an 82. How many 82s have gone this way? I did think about it for a while but concluded that organising a simple means of controlling the tiller while I pulled the new jib sheet in would be the better option when single handing.
  3. "the ability to vary things is one advantage of building your own" While I have found this to be very true I have also found it to be a great feeling to sail something that I've built. I get it every time I go for a sail. I built my first boat in 1982 and at the conclusion of the project I said to my good wife - "never again". But when I took the boat for a sail there was something about it. I've built over a dozen boats since then. You just can't beat the feeling of sailing your own work. The customising of the boat along the way is the icing on the cake. I'm really enjoying t
  4. Inter-dominion is an interesting idea. It has proven very successful in the Paper Tigers. I have no time frame. Time frames tend to take the fun out of the building. Having said that still, under two years would be nice.
  5. My F85SR float frames will be cut this week. Next week I'll be at the Multihull Nats on Lake Macquarie and the week after I can finally get stuck into building the floats.
  6. A lot of what the Evil one says also rings true for me. In addition to this I ran into a fellow with an F-82R some months back. I started chewing his ear while he and his partner were pulling the boat out of the water to take it home after a days sail. Even with me hassling him he had that thing packed up and ready to drive away in not much more than 20 mins. Previously I was thinking about building a 28ft cat with all the hassles of a mooring and moving it around to attend regattas. While it still would have been a lot of fun I just don't think it would get the same level
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