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  1. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDHSCG/bulletins/2e882b0
  2. The early Spindrifts were designed for the bottom chord of the main beam to finish inboard to allow for easy access. This is most likely the principal reason for the failure. As the video explains, the timber was overall pretty good so it was a structural, not material failure.
  3. Have you tried Etamax for repairs/new build? http://www.etamax.com.au
  4. You have to define your situation and find the product that best suits that situation. Both Crew Watcher and ACR OLAS have an app in the system and once triggered a waypoint is established on the app. You then have to navigate back to that waypoint Products like MOB1 (AIS and DSC) and PLB1 (satellite) continuously transmit your location, which avoids having to calculate for drift, tide etc. They also transmit to a larger audience than a cellphone. Cellphones are not as moisture resistant as purpose built devices.
  5. I recommend that as a minimum for offshore jacklines and 2 way tether clipped to a pfd/harness. I also insert a personal epirb into the pfd should I fall off at night.
  6. Definitely conjecture - there still exists a group who resent having to submit to any safety protocol and they might be behind the rumours.
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