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  1. Whole of NZ passed 85% double vaxxes yesterday. Auckland central nearly 92%. And we get to go yacht racing next weekend. Woo Hoo! A 48 miler on a 31 footer to blow out the cobwebs
  2. HB2 just popped up in the IOR landfill thread. Stripped but floating.
  3. Yes, NZ may have been late to the vaccine party but it has done pretty well over the last few months. Now 83% double jabbed 12+. Auckland central is over 90% And they are all Pfizer. Plus holding off building MIQ facilities now seems like a good saving of money with opening of borders. And I don't think we have had more than 10 patients in ICU at any one time yet, or if so only for a few days. And that is over the whole country.
  4. As an aside to quoting stats. World Laser champs (recent) - 2 sailors from NZ 1st and top 20 World ILCA Masters Champs ((current). No NZ and surprisingly only 2 Aus sailors (both in the trade) World Nacra / 49er / 49erFX - No NZ sailors TP52 / RC 44. Multiple NZ sailors but they have been away from home / families for 3 months. While NZ has vaccination at very high levels and hospitalisation/ICU at very low rates their transition to managing international travel movements is still very much at an early stage.
  5. And Melwin Fink sailed another good leg for a podium. Pretty impressive for a German teenager.
  6. Comanche is entered for the Atlantic race in early January so I assume will do the 600 and regatta circuit.
  7. And the whole country 12+is now 81% double vaxxed and 90.2% single jab. Auckland will be 90% double vaxxed tomorrow. Better than most. Plus still single figures ICU across the whole country. Again better than most
  8. Belated Thanks Kass. Only 4 C40s from 145 (2015) to new (172) not racing. - 146, 150, 169, 171. That is seriously impressive for class participation. And also a reflection on the need for a scow bow.
  9. Slight hijack Blur - you have been very quiet on your Med Summer. Did you have fun?
  10. Congrats. Based on the graphics and name - previously owned by a Kiwi?
  11. It is a big boat family. They own a Volvo 65, the Queen of Auckland racing from 30s to 60s - Ranger, and this boat Innismara. Plus an internationally recognised boatyard. Innismara was rescued and rebuilt to save a cool boat and give the apprentices wooden boat experience. Well known as a quick boat downwind - one of the early downwind planers. Nickname is The Pencil.
  12. So Mr Jumpa (varnish) Farr 1 tonner become Tamarack (blue)? And then Revolution ll Farr 2 tonner became Tamarack (blue). What a great owner. Where did Jumpa/Tamarack end up? And to keep it creepy I had Revolution (blue) Farr 1 tonner in NZ.
  13. What 12 nonths? The rest of the world has moved on -AUS and NZL not so much. Noted above re the fast boats. But with TH it has brought a number of low raters and cruiser / racers out of the woodwork. Possibly the easy races of recent years too. Where are the Cookson 39s / Fast 40s and TP52s/ fast 50s?
  14. The V65 in NZ has been refitted and is ready to go but no sponsor .
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