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  1. Re the Swan - Needs some work but you don't have to worry about rebedding the teak deak. A tidy up and you can relocate to the Swan regattas in the Med.
  2. Plug is called Tickled Pink. Has a small bulb and a twin spreader alloy rig with jumpers. My understanding is it is a Greg Elliott / Satterthwaite build. Not my boat. The owner is one of the SSANZ Committee and I sailed it with his 15 year old son. Had a nice day too.
  3. Maybe some of these posts are why I haven't seen Rail Meat's story. Looks like he continued his prepare well, execute well programme.
  4. Farr 727 1/4 tonner / 1104 1 tonner Fair hulls in a rating formula.
  5. Thanks Scott. Hi Phil. Been a while since I got to Sydney. Met some good folk including Clean who used my boat on his honeymoon in NZ. And had some good PMs along the way. And no sock puppets from me. If I want to write it I'm happy people know who I am.
  6. This should be my 1000th post. As an original - #4hundred and something, I've learnt a lot and in recent years ignored even more. Having been inside and outside the marine game I've had the opportunity to experience many boats in many countries. As an unabashed Farr boat supporter I've been fortunate enough to own a One Tonner - 1104 for 10+ years. Plus the Dibley Supergroove and others and now dinghies with the kids. Last summer SA was my go to place for AC Anarchy. There was some great insight amongst it all, some of which I could balance with my time on the water. Thanks to
  7. How did the race go? Everything working?
  8. Thanks all. Time (lack of), budget, and decent fleets mean I'll get the Laser. The Melges 14 looks real nice, and I noted with interest the comment re Aero coping averagely with the extra displacement. Also thanks for the reminder on the Weta.
  9. Turning 55 and most likely to buy a Laser, even though I'm 10kg too heavy. I sailed the 2017 World Masters at 99kg so know what I'm in for. I actually gave up the Laser when they went to trapezoid course because I was 90kg even back then. I know all about the Finn and OK but don't have a lot of time to fiddle and play, or the budget to keep up. I keep seeing the next big thing being announced but am a bit off the pace as to what works for the big fellas. So what of the Aero, Contender, Musto skiff, RS something etc can cope with 95+ kg? What other classes should I know about? Do any
  10. Bump. Any sailing this summer? Or life getting in the way? Thread drift. I'm doing the SSANZ on the Y88 plug.
  11. There is an interesting fleet for this first race. Our own Blur in his J111. A few older Class 40, a couple of Dehler 30s, all the Pogos - 30, 36, 40 and 50, a Figaro 2 etc. Only one TP52 and no fast Maxis. Looking forward to seeing the line results.
  12. 139 gybes! I've gone a whole season without doing that many!
  13. New Zealand had the Young 88s and Ross 930s through that time - Getting on for 150 boats built. Not necessarily offshore but when well prepared they were sailing 2 handed around the North Island in some pretty ordinary weather. A few were delivery sailed to Australia too. 1 x 950 was imported 20 years later.
  14. J111 at the bottom end, Gen 2 TP52 at the top end. Otherwise GP42.
  15. Yes, Young Guns was in Auckland but I haven't seen it for a while. Sort of got left in a lonely space by Anarchy going to 40 and the Melges 40 fleet turning up. Did it sell? Where to? And I saw Queensland too.
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