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  1. I like it. But then I tried to sail a Mini 2 handed across the Tasmann and still coastal race a R930 for fun.......
  2. I keep looking ant Rampant with Yoti. Now down to $39k. Seems no one likes older wooden boats. I suspect it would be an IRC bandit, although that design has a bit more volume than the 1020. And would be nicer to sail than a North Shore.
  3. I wonder what will happen to Ragtime. It would be nice if she could come back to NZ.
  4. Nothing like a nice 140 miler with a 40 mile breezy beat to kick things off. A typically mixed New Zealand fleet. A Rapido 60 tri (Romanza), a V65, a canting keel modified Gen 1 TP52(V5), a gaggle of smaller 28 - 40 racer cruisers - Ross's, Elliotts etc inc smaller multis, and a range of cruiser racers. About 40 entries which is good these days. Plus the Queen of NZ sailing - Ranger, which dominated keelboat raceing for decades - 1930-60s A few didn't like the forecast which Predictwind said would be gusts of 30+. In the end it never really got over 25, and it was a soft breeze at th
  5. With that haircut KR looks more like James May (Top Gear / Grand Tour)
  6. Up to NZD $18k with 8 hours to go. If anyone offshore wants a local to look after it while you wait to come over PM me.
  7. Alcatraz $18k with 8 hours to run on auction. Closes 8pm NZ time. sigh.
  8. 8kn at 1515 from a race yacht on the perimeter. Eyeball reports say even across course.
  9. Hi All. We were parked 10 metres away and had a chat to her. She actually went and said hi to the LR guys and was on the RIB for selfies. Turns out she is a proper good sort. 2 x Breast Cancer Survivor and co-founder of Paddle For Hope, Karin Horen There were also a heap of jet skis and kayaks show up for a chat, and one of them was showing wake board foiling fins to Jimmy. This was all on the left side of the course closest to the beach and away form the madness on the RHS and bottom of the course.
  10. It was a bit more than a gentle breeze today. Even though racing was cancelled due to covid there were plenty of 30+ gusts this aftermoon. Racing would have been very unlikely. Bring on Wednesday (NZ time)
  11. I recall the Verdier Seahorse article from a year or so ago regarding a bow chop being a cost effective option. Has anyone seen any info regarding what series models would be good to add a scow bow to vs those that don't have the right lines?
  12. Jono


    Watching the 75s live is totally awesome, but agree it is more fun when the racing is close. We then get to go home and watch the rerun on double speed. Still awesome. But I'm too out of touch to ever hope to sail on one. I remeber watching 95. I'd watch the start and the first couple of tacks. Black Magic was then well in front so I'd settle back into work. I'd lift my head for the mark roundings but in reality not a lot was going on. People only remember the romance, not the actuality. And if we know someone us weekend worriers can generally still get out on a 12, or even possibly a J.
  13. Good boats at the right price always sell.
  14. We/re in lockdown so perusing the sites. I see Nips was on offer but showing as llisted again. Beachball still for sale. Avalanche looks best. IRC of 1.15 seems low. But looking at the photos it might be detuned for sail area? Of the Sydney 38s has 1 gone.? - I can never pronounce it's name
  15. 150+ Junior dinghy sailors in Auckland racing this weekend prior to the Prada Cup finals which are late afternoon NZ time..
  16. My book shelf is a far better place due to his efforts. And Barracuda was the coolest boat around in its day. A great loss.
  17. I think Stingray is confusing Race Mgt boats which are actually the ETNZ big boats. As we were motoring back in after the race they both came out flat chat. Based on the photos they were bigger than anything else alongside and I'm sure were welcomed by AM.
  18. They were on the edge of the puff in the tack. It was way more than 20kn. A minute later when LR showed up it might have gotten back down to 20kn but my recollection was it was still higher than that. And yes, I was at the top mark.
  19. TC - They were way different in their roundings. AM went in hot and it was a whiparound and then skywards launch. LR sat the boat down and either got organised or worked out whether they were going to stop per SIs or keep going and then relaunched. Plus even in the minute later the line squall had settled. AM tacked right in the front edge of the squall. That said, the approaching rain line was really obvious,
  20. In front of the Volvo 70 in the Transat race. Impressive. Redman had rudder issues but was already behind.
  21. Broken prod according to the latest race press release.
  22. Surprised it hung around so long. Still went quicker than Yeah Baby and a few of the 52s. AFAIK only SMB and Hooligan sold?
  23. I thought the crowd on Sunday was pretty good. There were big issues around the cable area, but that was well forecast to the Marshalls early in the day. Coming home was also very good. Probably the best I've seen considering the numbers of boats.
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